Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Houston, TX

Hey everyone! It’s Chris here, landing in the space city itself, Houston, Texas. In the midst of cowboys and rodeos, the bustling diversity gives life to an unforgettable food experience wonder, bubble tea. Houston is not just about NASA and gigantic rodeo shows, but it’s also a hub full of jaw-dropping bubble tea nirvana, and I am here to explore! Now, you might be wondering – Bubble tea in Texas? Yes, my friend! The fusion of Western bravado with Eastern allure creates this sweet symphony here in Houston that is grabbing headlines. I have already been inundated with suggestions on where to find the best bubble teas in town; whether it’s in the trendy aisles of Chinatown or the hip locale of Montrose.

As always, our journey begins with the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed teas, coupled with the delightful squish of warm tapioca pearls. Oh, they charm their way right into your heart, as they burst in your mouth, offering the perfect foil to the sweet, milky goodness of the carefully crafted teas. It’s a culinary journey that brings together cultures, traditions, and flavors from yonder, promising to leave our taste buds in happy frenzy.

Does it spark your curiosity as much as it sparked mine? Well then, won’t you join me in traveling this unforgettable path down Houston’s Bubble Tea alley? I assure you, each review below will leave you craving for more. Go ahead, read on…

Top 5 Best Boba in Houston, TX Reviews

If you are looking for the alley houston boba, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best the alley houston boba!

the alley houston boba The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea Houston, TX

1) The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea

Our Review of The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea in Houston, TX

Walking into this bubble tea spot is like stepping into a newly transformed realm with the allure of its recent revamp. As much as I favoured the old cosy couches, I must admit that the change in seating arrangement has added a charming touch. Though it may not offer the most comfortable seating, the visually pleasing decor manages to ease that slight hiccup.

This bubble tea haven has the menu of dreams, offering a diverse selection to not only quench your thirst, but to satisfy all your taste bud fantasies. There is honestly something for everyone, and it is definitely a haven for adventurous souls looking to try out a myriad of flavours.

Speaking of flavors, the honeydew cream tea is something to write home about. I instantly fell in love with its delightful taste. It’s irresistibly yummy – the sweet creamy honeydew is flawlessly blended to make every sip a refreshing experience.

And don’t even get me started on the taro cream tea. The cravings were intense and suffice to say, the taro cream tea delivered. It was like a shot of delight to my taste buds. It’s refreshing and delicious, perfectly striking the balance to soothe any bubble tea cravings. It hits the spot so accurately, making it an absolute must-try!

So, if you are like me, in the constant quest for a perfect bubble tea haven or if you are a newbie ready for an exotic adventure, do ensure to stop by this bubble tea location. With its incredible delectable offerings and alluring decor, it certainly won’t disappoint!

Address: 2089 Westheimer Rd,Houston,TX 77098
the alley houston boba Sharetea Houston, TX

2) Sharetea

Our Review of Sharetea in Houston, TX

Venturing into this delightful bubble tea spot, one is immediately greeted by incredibly friendly personnel, making the experience equally enjoyable as the bubble tea is delicious. They make you feel right at home with their courteous demeanor, providing a pleasant atmosphere that enhances your visit.

Impressive in its breadth, the drink menu surprises you with an extensive assortment of options. From the classic flavors to exciting new blends, one finds themselves spoilt for choice each time. On my last visit, I found myself gravitating towards the mango green tea with mini boba, a refreshing and delicately sweet concoction. The fun-sized mini pearls were playful and added an interesting contrast to the drink’s consistency, making it quite the engaging experience.

Adding to its charm, this location offers a fantastic option to control the sweetness of your drink, thereby satisfying all palates. Whether you’re after a sugar-rush or prefer subtly sweet flavors, this flexibility provides a tailored experience uniquely your own.

Furthermore, as someone who loves variety and enjoys trying new things, their regularly-changing monthly offers make it a thrilling experience. It provides you the opportunity to satisfy your adventurous instincts in flavor, while still relishing in the consistent quality of their offerings.

In conclusion, whether you are a longtime fan or new to the world of bubble tea, this place promises an inviting atmosphere, a plethora of flavors, customizable sweet levels, and an ever-evolving menu – making every visit a refreshing journey.

Address: 9889 Bellaire Blvd,Houston,TX 77036
the alley houston boba Long Coffee Houston, TX

3) Long Coffee

Our Review of Long Coffee in Houston, TX

Strolling into this buzzing bubble tea spot in Bellaire, I was immediately taken by how efficient the staff were. Though not the chattiest crew, they were quick, getting my order to me in a snappy 5 minutes even through the drive thru.

Scanning their unique array of offerings, I decided to try, an Avocado smoothie and a Royal Artichoke drink. Admittedly, the Avocado smoothie was a touch too sweet initially. However, fascinatingly, as I continued to sip, I found myself falling more and more for its unique flavor. The delicate balance of flavors became more noticeable with every subsequent sip, a characteristic that truly distinguished it as a drink worth sampling.

Adding a flavourful twist to my palate, I also indulged in the Vietnamese coffee. Now, that was truly a beverage with a punch! If you’re a coffee aficionado who enjoys a robust, strong hit of caffeine, this one’s a must-try.

But brace yourself, because it was their Durian Smoothie that absolutely stole the show! An absolute gem that was so irresistible, I found myself gulping it down before I could even remember to take a photo!

Despite being someone who hops around different cities, this place has definitely made a lasting impression. When you’re in town, you must also indulge in their Long Coffee. It offers an intriguing combination that makes the quick detour totally worth it.

I must stress, all of these thoughts are purely personal and completely subjective. Once you find your own favorite drink here, I’m sure you’ll agree, this place is a bubble tea haven that takes refreshment to a whole new level.

Address: 10611 Bellaire Blvd,Houston,TX 77072
the alley houston boba Snowy Dessert Bar Houston, TX

4) Snowy Dessert Bar

Our Review of Snowy Dessert Bar in Houston, TX

Upon my visit to this charming bubble tea spot, my attention was immediately caught by its neat and uncluttered decor, reflecting an utter sense of minimalism. The ambiance of the place emitted a kind of tranquility that was further accented by its aesthetically pleasing layout. The staff were very courteous and always willing to assist which added a personal touch to the whole experience.

Their menu was expansive and included a variety of options, from bubble teas to bingsus. I was particularly intrigued by their array of fruit bingsus. Specifically, the strawberry and mango bingsus seemed to stand out from the rest. These specialty drinks had a perfect balance of fruity sweetness and creamy flavor that was intriguingly delightful. However, I’d have to mention that not all the flavors hit the sweet spot, some of them felt rather bland and possibly in need of some enhancement.

Apart from the bingsus, another item that piqued my interest was the Injeolmi and red bean. I unfortunately could not further delve into this but I’m quite keen to give it a go on my next visit.

As a bubble tea enthusiast, I am often slightly hesitant about trying out simple flavor profiles, this place, however, has certainly changed my perspective. In my opinion, their offering of simple yet unpredictable flavor combinations set them apart from the typical bubble tea cafes. It’s definitely an establishment I would strongly recommend to all those yearning for a unique bubble tea experience.

Address: 9600 Bellaire Blvd,Houston,TX 77036
the alley houston boba 7 Leaves Cafe Houston, TX

5) 7 Leaves Cafe

Our Review of 7 Leaves Cafe in Houston, TX

In my humble opinion, this bubble tea location is a symphony of tantalising flavours, set in a friendly atmosphere that welcomes all. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is apparent, with polite and patient staff members always ready to serve with a smile. The ambiance is inviting and spacious enough to accommodate large gatherings, making it an ideal cavity to enjoy a cup of bubble tea with good company.

Even though it operates with a limited menu, this is a perfect testament to a “less is more” approach. Instead of overwhelming you with choices, they have curated a select range of drinks that are crafted to perfection, showcasing their mastery in focusing on quality over quantity. At this juncture, I do feel the need to express their clear message about certain allergies, particularly nuts. However, on my multiple visits, I’ve never encountered an issue with any allergy, proving the respect they command over the art of making bubble tea.

Saving the best for last, their Taro milk tea is seriously the stuff dreams are made of. With chunks of real taro floating amid a perfectly balanced concoction of creamy goodness, every sip is an indulgent adventure. It slides down your throat so effortlessly, making you wonder how you ever lived without it. Truly, this place takes the bubble tea game to a whole new level.

So, if you’re a full-fledged bubble tea afficionado or a curious newbie, this place holds something special for you. Looking for the best bubble tea spot? Look no further, because I believe this is the place where your search ends.

Address: 9798 Bellaire Blvd,Houston,TX 77036

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Houston, TX?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Houston, TX at The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea, Sharetea, Long Coffee, Snowy Dessert Bar, and 7 Leaves Cafe.