Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Long Beach, CA

Welcome fellow bubble tea fanatics to the vibrant backdrop of Long Beach, CA! A breezy coastal gem, delicately wrapped in California’s bright sunlit charm and adorned with a rich tapestry of experiences waiting to be unwrapped. Long Beach is where the promise of laid-back California dreams meets a lively grid of eclectic food spots, each bursting with indulgent scents and mesmerizing flavors. As much as this city is known for its spectacular seaside views and street art galore, it is equally renowned for its unique bubble tea game. Every corner reverberates with whispers of enticing tea blends waiting to be savored.

My journey here heralds the quest to uncover the best bubble tea havens, tucked away like pearl treasures in a tea sea. Get ready as we navigate through an array of quirky tea shops, each one pouring out a fascinating tale in the form of a frothy, bubble-laden cup. As a bubble tea connoisseur, I am thrilled to soak up the rich tapestry of aromas, flavors, and tales that Long Beach has to offer.

So, if your hearts thrum with a similar passion for delicate tapioca balls dancing in perfectly brewed tea, its symphony humming a tune that resonates with your palate, you’re just in the right spot. Ramble along with me, tasting, experiencing, and basking in the bewitching bubble tea-o-sphere that is Long Beach, CA. Ready to take a sip on the wild side? Scroll down and dive deep into the sensational bubble tea escapade waiting below. Are you ready for this refreshing adventure? Because I most certainly am!

Top 5 Best Boba in Long Beach, CA Reviews

If you are looking for bubble tea long beach, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best bubble tea long beach!

bubble tea long beach Roasting Water Long Beach, CA

1) Roasting Water

Our Review of Roasting Water in Long Beach, CA

Stepping into Roasting Water Westminster, you are immediately struck by the trendy aesthetic that embodies this unique bubble tea shop. It might be a little snug, with no available seating, but there’s a charm to its compactness that can’t be ignored. One of the key things that sets this place apart is the beyond cute merchandise that flirts with you from the corners of the shop, making you want to grab a souvenir on your way out.

But the true star of this joint, of course, is the bubble tea, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. A recent collaboration with Tare Panda created a unique, must-try bubble tea flavor that hooked me completely. Both current and incredibly refreshing, this innovative new drink encourages me to constantly check back for any future collaborations the store may be part of.

Speaking of the staff, despite being a bustling spot, you can always count on them to be efficient and brilliant. Running the shop single-handedly and still managing to serve the drinks without missing a beat is no small task. So, kudos to them!

In all honesty, there’s a part of me that’s a tad reluctant to share these details for fear of losing the undiscovered spots charm, but the cat is already out of the bag and so is this irresistible bubble tea. In my book, Roasting Water Westminster has become a must-visit spot for any true bubble tea connoisseur.

Address: 7925 Westminster Blvd,Westminster,CA 92683
bubble tea long beach Sharetea Long Beach, CA

2) Sharetea

Our Review of Sharetea in Long Beach, CA

Stepping into the bustling locale of Sharetea, a vibrantly unique drink spot neatly tucked into a thriving shopping plaza, I was immediately charmed by the welcoming aura. Overflowing with a plentiful array of food and drink spots, parking was surprisingly quite ample. The organisation leapt out at me right away, every aspect of the service humming smoothly and efficiently. The every-person vibe matched with kind and personable staff assured me I was in for a homespun experience.

Venturing into the heart of my visit, the bubble tea adventure commenced on a chilly Saturday evening, around 7:15 pm, post a satisfying dinner. My tastebuds danced with anticipation, and they were not disappointed.

On the table, a concoction called Mango and Passion Fruit Green Tea, skipping a few sweet notches south of the usual, was priced at a reasonable $5.50. And oh, what a symphony it led! The refreshing mango complementing the tangy passion fruit flawlessly, all swirling in the embrace of subtle green tea, it was a carnival of tastes.

In my honest opinion, the blend of the casual setting, noteworthy service, and of course, the captivating variety of bubble tea catapults Sharetea into a league of its own. Set in a convenient location and exhibiting a friendly vibe, this place has me hooked. It’s a place I see myself frequenting in the future, and I recommend any true bubble tea enthusiast to do the same.

Address: 11900 South St,Cerritos,CA 90703
bubble tea long beach Cha For Tea - Long Beach Long Beach, CA

3) Cha For Tea – Long Beach

Our Review of Cha For Tea – Long Beach in Long Beach, CA

My recent visit to this bubble tea spot gave me quite the experience – and with bubbly delight, I felt the vibe resonated well with a chill afternoon hangout. Stepping in, with not a line in sight, I was able to swiftly place my order – the black milk tea, always a classic choice for me.

Amongst the cosy yet unoccupied location, I observed interactions that were a bit slow despite the lean crowd. In my case, I noticed an order for a medium hot chai taking near 10 minutes to be attended to. Although one might say it was a bit of a wait, it was a minor hiccup during a rather relaxed visit.

As a regular at many bubble tea dens, I would say this place serves up decent boba beverages. However, it isn’t ideal for those looking for something more than a mere quench to their sugary cravings. It’s certainly a spot of convenience for when you need a quick bubble fix, but it might not satiate the serious milk tea fanatic’s pursuit for a fusion of unique flavours.

The essence of the menu here leans more towards the sweet side rather than a balance of sweet and tea flavours, leaving room for improvement in their blends. However, the ease of ordering and relaxed setting still makes for a comfortable tea-time experience.

Overall, I feel this bubble tea spot has potential, with a fine blend of simplicity and sweetness. It’s the kind of place you would casually drop by for a quick cup of sugary delight, especially for days you fancy a laid-back afternoon chat. Not exceptional, but definitely not one to miss.

Address: 5720 E 7th St,Long Beach,CA 90803
bubble tea long beach MILK+T Long Beach, CA


Our Review of MILK+T in Long Beach, CA

Nestled on the fringes of Little Tokyo, this bubble tea gem warrants sincere recognition for its delightful offerings. Although it’s small in terms of physical space, let not size deceive you. Here, it’s very much a case of ‘best things come in small packages’.

Reflecting their unique versatility, the drink menu captivates your taste buds with an enticing array of choices. Their repertoire ranges from traditional bubble tea favourites to more unique concoctions. If you’re looking for quintessential Taiwanese-style bubble tea, you might find these drinks veer a touch more towards the sweet and fruity side, providing a refreshing twist from the norm.

Presentation is crucial in adding that extra touch to the overall bubble tea experience, and this place doesn’t disappoint. Drinks are served in stylish glass cups, which not only uplift the visual factor but also add a charming novelty to your bubble tea experience.

Opting for doorstep delivery? Fear not! The quality of the drinks hold up admirably well during transport, arriving not overly sweet and maintaining their flavoursome profile. And as a staple with all good bubble tea, they come complete with those delightful boba pearls that we all know and love.

In conclusion, whether you’re bubbling with excitement for a thirst-quenching adventure or simply a bubble tea aficionado, this spot holds promises of a flavour fest you wouldn’t want to miss. A memorable experience that would have you bobbing back for more!

Address: 310 E 2nd St,Los Angeles,CA 90012
bubble tea long beach Kape Republik Long Beach, CA

5) Kape Republik

Our Review of Kape Republik in Long Beach, CA

Kape certainly brings a refreshing variety to the bubble tea scene. They offer quite the stunning range – from delectable pastries, coffee, shakes, and of course – bubble tea, it’s a one-stop delight for anyone who appreciates varied flavors under one roof. They’re nestled comfortably in a plaza which adds to the charm and convenience of the place.

The decor is adorable to the point of being whimsical, making it a perfect spot for both a quick grab or a leisurely sip. Amidst these wonderful things, a touch more warmth from the staff would have elevated the whole experience to an even greater height. Interaction is as important as the flavors offered, after all.

What needs a special mention, is their calamansi treat. On a sweltering hot day, it’s just the refreshing and invigorating companion you need. Yet, in terms of pastries, while the Guava fell somewhat short of hitting the right notes, the calamansi crinkle certainly made up for it. Madeline, a cute French cupcake delicatessen, at a reasonable price of $2 is another winner off their menu.

However, their bubble tea game could benefit from a little inspiration. While their offerings cover the conventional spectrum, a touch of innovation is necessary to truly stand out in this competitive market. Nevertheless, Kape still manages to hold its own among the myriad of bubble tea places and continues to remain an underrated gem waiting to be discovered further.

Address: 17206 Norwalk Blvd,Cerritos,CA 90703

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Long Beach, CA?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Long Beach, CA at Roasting Water, Sharetea, Cha For Tea – Long Beach, MILK+T, and Kape Republik.