Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Tulsa, OK

Welcome, fellow bubble tea enthusiasts, to an unexpected haven of this delightful drink in the heart of America – Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not the first spot that springs to mind when considering tea trends, right? That’s the magic of Tulsa, a city that continually dares to defy expectations. Enveloped within the unique blend of Southern charm, robust Native American heritage and a sprinkle of cosmopolitan allure, Tulsa is an unsung bubble tea paradise just waiting to be discovered.

Tulsa’s take on bubble tea is a beautiful narrative of platefuls of culture, translated into the language of tea. Picture lively nights strolling around the bustling downtown, carrying a cup of this delicious beverage, as eclectic architecture, vibrant murals and the sounds of live jazz in the background paint the canvas of your experience. Along the Arkansas River, this oil-boom town has now struck gold in the bubble tea industry.

So, get ready to embark on this tea-licious journey as I navigate through some of the best Bubble-tea spots in this city. After all, who could resist the allure of a refreshing Bubble-tea on a warm Tulsa afternoon, or the comfort it gives when sipped during a serene sunset? Start scrolling to explore unique flavors, textures and tea stories that this unsuspecting city has to offer. In Tulsa, it’s always bubble tea time. Welcome to this gem in America’s heartland, Tulsa, OK. Let’s taste the story untold!

Top 5 Best Bubble Tea in Tulsa, OK Reviews

If you are looking for boba tea tulsa, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best boba tea tulsa!

boba tea tulsa Hey Boba Tulsa, OK

1) Hey Boba

Our Review of Hey Boba in Tulsa, OK

After my invigorating experience at this bubble tea hub, I was utterly delighted by what they had in store for me. Right off the bat, I felt reassured by their stringent adherence to the pandemic protocol, with the complete employment of staff in masks, the dexterous implementation of social distancing and the tactic of to-go orders.

Now onto the tantalizing beverages. Upon my visit, the Taro Milk Tea caught my eye, and boy, am I glad I went for it! Subtle hints of taro swirled decadently within the milky goodness, enhanced further with the chewy boba pearls. I must give credit to the amiable lady behind the counter who suggested it – her enthusiasm paired with her profound bubble tea knowledge only added to their overall charm.

I also had a chance to sample the Thai-inspired creation, which was indeed a flavour fiesta! I was instantly transported by its exotic flavours, which imbued my palate with an experience unlike any other. Honestly, it was something that I haven’t found at my other usual stops, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to those looking for an explosive sip.

Drawing from my visit, I can readily endorse this spot as one of the finest purveyors of bubble tea delights, not just in Oklahoma but by a long shot, even in North Carolina. In fact, I’d enthusiastically petition the management to open up an outlet in Raleigh to give the locals a taste of this breathtaking experience. I believe their bubble tea has the calibre to redefine tea-drinking in ways we cannot even fathom right now.

In conclusion, with its concoction of flavorsome drinks, warm service, and impressive handling of the pandemic situation, this location truly left a mark on my bubble tea journey. I genuinely look forward to my next visit and the exciting eateries that they may roll out in the future. And yes, if you find yourself craving some delicious bubble tea, this place should definitely be on your radar!

Address: 6942 S Lewis Ave,Tulsa,OK 74136
boba tea tulsa Cha Bubble Tea Tulsa, OK

2) Cha Bubble Tea

Our Review of Cha Bubble Tea in Tulsa, OK

Upon visiting this charming bubble tea spot in Tulsa, the first thing that struck me was the pleasantly surprising affordability. Definitely one of the most competitively priced tea joints in the area. Their selection is quite impressive, and I found myself drawn towards the Lychee Lemonade – a decision I did not regret. The blend was refreshingly delicious, a harmony of sweet and tangy – an absolute delight to the senses.

On another occasion, I decided to indulge my sweet tooth and boy, was I pleasantly surprised! Besides their exceptional tea concoctions, this spot also whips up some darn good mochi donuts. They perfectly complimented my boba tea, making the experience all the more satisfying.

However, while the drinks and treats are top-notch, I feel the spot could use some sprucing up customer service-wise. I had one experience where the counter assistance appeared slightly standoffish, leaving a slightly sour aftertaste. But observations like these are solvable and do not, in my opinion, greatly overshadow the high quality and affordability of their drinks and treats.

Overall, despite a minor hitch in the customer service department, that does in no way compromise the absolute delight that the bubble tea experience offers. A gem in the heart of Tulsa, certain to satiate your boba cravings.

Address: 8246 E 71st St,Tulsa,OK 74133
boba tea tulsa Boss Tea Tulsa, OK

3) Boss Tea

Our Review of Boss Tea in Tulsa, OK

When venturing into Boss Tea, it immediately strikes you as an immensely delightful and cute bubble tea hotspot. Truly, a treasure for the bubble tea enthusiasts out there. The stand out feature, if you ask me, has to be their premium quality Matcha. They have captivated my taste buds with their outstanding version of Strawberry Matcha.

The sweet strawberries blend flawlessly with the earthy matcha, creating a delightful harmony that dances playfully on your palate. The kids, and let’s be real the kids-at-heart as well, find themselves smitten by their Fizz drink complete with popping boba. It’s exhilarating, it’s fun, and oh-so-refreshing.

Now, those with a sweeter tooth may enjoy their brown sugar latte with none other than a splash of $1 coconut jelly. However, I do recommend opting for less sugar to prevent an overpowering sweetness, and allow the natural flavors to shine through. The coconut jelly add-on proves to be a pleasant surprise, offering a delightful texture contrast to make every sip interesting.

However, if you are craving for something with dominant coffee or tea taste, you might be disappointed as it’s not their strong suit. I noticed a slight artificial powder taste, with the sweetness slightly overwhelming even when you ask for less sugar. It’s safe to say, tea or coffee purists might want to stick to their Matcha offerings.

To top it off, the service is friendly, which for me adds a sparkling touch to the bubble tea experience at Boss Tea. So, if you’re on a hunt for a meticulous blend of ingredients and a casual, cute setting, this could be your next go-to bubble tea spot.

Address: 8222 E 103rd St,Tulsa,OK 74133
boba tea tulsa Gung Ho - Tulsa Tulsa, OK

4) Gung Ho – Tulsa

Our Review of Gung Ho – Tulsa in Tulsa, OK

From the moment I stepped inside, I was enveloped by the laidback and cozy atmosphere. The service from the staff was top-notch – always warm, welcoming, and professional. Now, onto the star of the show – the bubble tea. Each sip I took was a dance of flavors on my tongue, thoroughly impressing me with its gourmet quality. But what really caught my attention was the Poke Bowl.

Brimming with fresh salmon and eel alongside a rainbow of vibrant elements like spinach, seaweed salad, and avocado, it was a feast not only to my eyes but also to my palate. It was so exquisitely prepared that I found myself savoring each bite without needing any of the accompanying sauces.

This spot is more than just a bubble tea store; it’s a surprisingly sublime culinary experience that I definitely plan to revisit and bring friends. It’s also a space that can easily cater to people of all ages. I’m seriously contemplating how great it would be to have such a place in my hometown.

In a nutshell, I left deeply satisfied with the bubble tea, entranced by the food, and charmed by the helpful and friendly staff. I’d absolutely love to revisit multiple times if given the opportunity. If you’re visiting or living in Tulsa, do yourself a flavor favor and give this chill bubble tea paradise a whirl!

Address: 7547B Olympia Ave,Tulsa,OK 74132
boba tea tulsa Project BMB Banh Mi Boba Tulsa, OK

5) Project BMB Banh Mi Boba

Our Review of Project BMB Banh Mi Boba in Tulsa, OK

Upon my recent delectation of bubble tea, I sauntered into this spot lifting expectations, steeped in the local community’s whispers of its reputation. Unquestionably, this spot indisputably lords over the local bubble tea scene. It’s become quite the gem in the heart of Broken Arrow, making its mark not only with its prime location but also with the caliber of its boba tea.

Suspend your doubts, for their service could be likened to a well-orchestrated symphony. The staff exhibit admirable diligence and unfailing courtesy, truly raising the bar for heartfelt service in the bubble tea landscape. And believe you me, this isn’t just an excellent place to satiate your tapioca cravings, it’s also a divine oasis for a quick snack.

As for their bubble tea, I took a chance on their strawberry smoothie, and folks, it was a venture that paid off tremendously. Diluting my order to half sugar, I still found my taste buds basking in resplendent sweetness. If you’re someone who has an insatiable sweet tooth, then this place could potentially become your bubble tea paradise.

Indeed, their pearls, infused with a sweeter flavor than customary, were quite a pleasant surprise. While it diverges from conventional taste profiles, it adds a distinct charm and character to their beverages that are hard to forget.

However, I must express my mild discontent at finding an uninvited hair gate crashing my bubble tea rendezvous. Although such minor mishaps can occur anywhere, it should be something the establishment could work more diligently to avoid.

In summary, though the ambience is rather ordinary, this location holds its ground, leveraging its convenience and unfaltering bubble tea artistry. It’s a place where you appreciate the simpler things, even a cup of bubble tea, transcending from being just a beverage to an experience in itself. If you are ever in Broken Arrow and find yourself craving a bubble tea fix, this spot should unquestionably be at the top of your list.

Address: 11007 E 71st St,Tulsa,OK 74133

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Tulsa, OK?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Tulsa, OK at Hey Boba, Cha Bubble Tea, Boss Tea, Gung Ho – Tulsa, and Project BMB Banh Mi Boba.