Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Easton, PA

Greetings bubble tea lovers! Welcome to a slice of bubble tea heaven nestled within the charming landscape of Easton, Pennsylvania. This quaint town doesn’t only hold a rich tapestry of American history, it now thrives as a bustling hub for bubble tea fanatics. An absolute paradise, it features exquisite tea houses adorning its vintage-filled streets, where every corner promises a discovery of new and exciting bubble tea flavours. Amid the picturesque backdrop of lush parks and Victorian architecture, comes the blend of traditional tea cultures with the trendy phenomenon of bubble tea. Bubble tea isn’t just a beverage here in Easton; it is a palate adventure that connects cultures and elevates the quintessential tea-drinking experience. We’re talking about a spectrum of velvety milk teas paired with chewy boba pearls, fruity infusions that burst with freshness and an array of toppings for an unexpected treat. But don’t just take my word for it! Curious to find out what Easton’s bubble tea scene has to offer? Go ahead, scroll down and dive into the world of bubble tea in Easton, PA! You won’t be disappointed.

Top 5 Best Bubble Tea in Easton, PA Reviews

If you are looking for bubble tea easton, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best bubble tea easton!

bubble tea easton The Stone Bean at Riverside Coffee & Tea Easton, PA

1) The Stone Bean at Riverside Coffee & Tea

Our Review of The Stone Bean at Riverside Coffee & Tea in Easton, PA

Stepping into this gem of a bubble tea spot fills you up with an overwhelming sense of homely comfort. It’s nestled perfectly by the water, adding a unique charm to this quaint and inviting café. The ambience effortlessly pulls you into a serene, yet spirited environment, making it the perfect quaint rendezvous for a beautiful morning or a lazy afternoon.

As a food connoisseur, one cannot ignore their fresh, garden-like veggie egg white and cheese sandwich. This delight is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece, a symphony of texture and flavor that speaks volumes about attention to detail and commitment to quality. Your taste buds will be serenading praises after a bite.

Coffee aficionados will rave about the extensive selection, that ranges from iced vanilla dirty chai to traditional options. Each brew is crafted to perfection, but the absolute showstopper here remains the taro bubble tea. This concoction is a splendid blend of authenticity and innovation, presenting an explosion of distinctive sweetness that lingers in your mouth, calling you back for more.

As I always say, a café experience isn’t just about food and beverages; it’s equally about the people creating those. Despite the occasional frosty surface, the staff here ensures that the essence of their café – the drinks – remain untouched by any discord. The consistent goodness of their bubble tea is like a warm embrace on a winter’s day – every visit, every cup, bliss.

The fresh baked cranberry scone is also an absolute must-try. Bursting with tangy sweetness and a divine crumbly texture, it’s amazing how a freshly baked scone can make a perfect day even better.

So, for bubble tea lovers seeking a new haven, or for those coffee veterans hunting down their next favourite spot, this little café by the water is where you ought to be.

Address: 51 Main St,Clinton,NJ 08809
bubble tea easton Citispot Tea & Coffee Easton, PA

2) Citispot Tea & Coffee

Our Review of Citispot Tea & Coffee in Easton, PA

Well, seems like my bubble tea obsession has led me to yet another stellar location: Citispot. Let me tell you, this place is a night owl’s dream, staying open until 10pm during the week and 11pm on weekends. As a fellow nocturnal creature, I appreciate a bubble tea haven where I can casually sip and savor my tea after sunset.

On a less pleasant note, I did have an unfortunate encounter with the owner who, though obviously committed to his business, has a bit of a temper issue. He had a disagreement with some of the staff, who are otherwise delightful, sweet and always smiling. Despite this, the workers handled the situation with aplomb, maintaining their sunny demeanor.

Onto the important stuff – the drinks and treats. Citispot showcases its prowess in not just the bubble tea realm, but also in offering top-tier baked goods. The robust and spicy chai tea latte is a triumph of flavors that will tickle your taste buds to no end, and the refreshingly zesty iced lemon tea definitely deserves its own fan base.

The presence of a line – usual sign of a place being in demand – is in this case a non-issue. Despite the place garnering its fair share of locals and tourists alike, the line moves along in an efficient, orderly manner.

Citispot, despite all its quirks and charm, has definitely found a place in my bubble tea loving heart. A consistent experience, high-quality beverages, and friendly staff – the quintessential elements of a successful tea spot are all here. Though aspects of the owner’s demeanour could use some softening, it is clear this has not affected the staff’s performance. Despite this minor setback, Citispot is a toast to tea lovers everywhere.

Address: 44 Main St,Clinton,NJ 08809
bubble tea easton Hocaa Bubble Tea Easton, PA

3) Hocaa Bubble Tea

Our Review of Hocaa Bubble Tea in Easton, PA

Visiting this bubble tea wonder in Bethlehem was indeed a delightful and transformative experience. I felt transported, as if I were in metropolitan LA just soaking up the varied flavors of authentic boba. Every sip was like a symphony, with their brown sugar bubble tea sans pareil. Its richness and smoothness was akin to embarking on an intoxicating journey far away from the boundaries of this quaint town.

However, nostalgia did bring me back to a more poignant realization. Yes, I’ve to admit, the quality of the drinks did seem to decline over the past year. It happened gradually, tugging at the heartstrings of every ardent bubble tea lover that walked through those doors. The drinks no longer heralded the same excitement, the same fervor, that once embraced the Palmer and Bethlehem outlets. A tragic symphony of bubbles and tea that reminisced good old times.

But amidst the orchestrated bitterness of loss, there was a ray of hope – the Jadeite Jasmine Green tea with White Pearls. Ah! Such beauty in a cup. The strength of the tea was complemented by the serenity of the white pearls and the sweetness was just right, leaving a clean and satisfying 75% sweet aftertaste. The fragrance was delicate yet pronounced, serving as a gentle reminder of the potential this bubble tea house had and still has. I was really torn between the different flavors but decided to trust my gut and it didn’t disappoint.

In conclusion, while this bubble tea location may have experienced some hitches over time, it holds steadfast onto its delicious potential. With a few little tweaks, and a continued commitment to quality, I believe it can reclaim its initial glory soon enough. After all, isn’t bubble tea a metaphorical voyage of indulgence and pure taste? And we are just along for the journey. So, hold tight fellow bubble tea enthusiasts, let’s see where this voyage takes us.

Address: 220 E 3rd St,Bethlehem,PA 18015
bubble tea easton chopfin Easton, PA

4) chopfin

Our Review of chopfin in Easton, PA

I recently had the pleasure of visiting this bubble tea location and was immediately taken by its pristine cleanliness. The moment I walked in, I was warmly greeted by their friendly and inviting staff, making the atmosphere feel truly welcoming.

Their food options are unparalleled, with selections offering the freshest poke/raw fish in the immediate vicinity. Though I normally indulge myself with a bubble tea and poke bowl, on a whim, I decided to try their tacos. The decision was a roaring success, and I was surprisingly swayed by the interesting texture of the assembled ingredients. Their menu is appealing not just for its variety, but for its customizable options.

One standout meal that I absolutely must mention is their Sushi Burrito. If you’re a sushi aficionado like me, this burrito surpasses expectations. I decided to build my own, adding my own twist to their otherwise excellent menu. The quality of the ingredients was top-notch and the combination was predictively delectable, a memorable fusion of sushi and burrito.

One final note – Their packaging, particularly for takeaways, is quite high-quality and eco-friendly, adding another brownie point to their tally. This location clearly maintains a sharp focus on quality, from the food and drink to the customer service and even to the packaging. These elements combined make for a thoughtful, satisfactory experience.

Next time you’re in the area, whether you stick to your comfort zone or try out something new, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Address: 1403 N Cedar Crest Blvd,Allentown,PA 18104
bubble tea easton Got Beans Easton, PA

5) Got Beans

Our Review of Got Beans in Easton, PA

On my latest adventure in the bubble tea landscape, I found myself at a place that was a bit of a conundrum. Brimming with potential, this spot strikes you as a quaint, hidden gem with an inviting and endearing owner who brews a breakfast sandwich to die for. It’s the kind of experience that leaves you salivating all day, etching itself in your memory as you wordlessly rave about the sublime flavours you’ve tasted.

However, despite this promising aspect, my journey wasn’t quite so straightforward. Encountering a troubling undertone of rudeness, left a somewhat bitter taste. One might chalk it up to a bad day, but when coupled with accusations of unwelcome behaviour, the sweetness of the spot starts to lose its charm.

Now, on to the main event, the bubble tea. Disappointingly, it seemed as though the staff were not fully acquainted with the art of bubble tea preparation. A certain disorganization seeped into every move they made, as if the consistency of the drink was the last thing on their minds. The result? A product that wasn’t worth the price tag, not inspiring much desire to brave another sip. This concoction, sadly, found its home in the trash, instead of eliciting the refreshing bliss one expects from bubble tea.

In summary, while this place beams with potential and offers commendable breakfast items, they ought to put more emphasis into the bubble tea and the customer service provided.

Address: 344 Stroud Mall Rd,Stroudsburg,PA 18360

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Easton, PA?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Easton, PA at The Stone Bean at Riverside Coffee & Tea, Citispot Tea & Coffee, Hocaa Bubble Tea, chopfin, and Got Beans.