Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Newport, RI

Hey there, bubble tea enthusiasts! Chris here, ready to immerse you in the delightful world of bubble tea. Today, I’m taking you on a journey to a coastal gem in the USA – Newport, RI.

Nestled between beautiful beaches and historic landmarks, Newport offers a whimsical twist to the already irresistible world of bubble tea. This vibrant city embraces its seaside charm while delivering a bubbling sensation that you won’t find anywhere else.

Amidst the quaint streets and picturesque scenery, Newport boasts a tantalizing array of bubble tea joints, each with its own twist on this beloved beverage. From classic flavors infused with tangy notes of ocean breeze to innovative combinations that transport you to tropical paradise, this destination is a sanctuary for bubble tea aficionados.

As I sip my way through Newport’s bubble tea scene, I invite you to scroll further and join me in uncovering the hidden gems, taste explosions, and flavor adventures that await. We’ll delve into the unique creations, chat with passionate tea artisans, and discover why this coastal haven is a must-visit for bubble tea enthusiasts like yourself. So, let’s dive in and satisfy our bubbling cravings together, shall we?

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Top 5 Best Boba in Newport, RI Reviews

If you are looking for boba in newport, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best boba in newport!

boba in newport Empire Tea and Coffee Newport, RI

1) Empire Tea and Coffee

Our Review of Empire Tea and Coffee in Newport, RI

In my recent visit to this trendy bubble tea spot, I was rather taken in by their wide array of offerings – not just the bubble tea but also their other beverage options like coffee and hot chocolate. Having a sweet tooth, I found their unique chocolate donut absolutely delightful and is something I would highly recommend.

The ambiance of the place is warm and inviting, adding to the overall experience. The staff extends a welcoming demeanor, making one feel rather at ease and happy. Sipping a delightful cup of hot, fresh coffee in such an ambiance truly made my experience remarkable.

As for the main star, their boba, they certainly deliver. For those with a penchant for all things boba, this place has it, both bursting and tapioca! It’s a known fact that great bubble tea is hard to find but this place was a surprisingly pleasant discovery.

However, on a rather nostalgic note, I couldn’t help but feel that the quality is not quite the same as it used to be in its golden age. I feel as if this place has unfortunately succumbed a bit to its own popularity and standards may have just slipped a tad. This, in no way implies the place isn’t praiseworthy, rather, the desires of the past just seem to echo louder when you compare it to its former glory.

In interpretation, whether you are a bubble tea enthusiast or simply someone seeking a cozy place for a hot cup of joe, this place has quite a bit to offer. And while it may not hold the same charm it once did, it still holds its ground as a decent and inviting spot for a drink.

Address: 22 Broadway,Newport,RI 02840
boba in newport Vivi Bubble Tea Newport, RI

2) Vivi Bubble Tea

Our Review of Vivi Bubble Tea in Newport, RI

I’ve been to plenty of bubble tea spots, but this one surely leaves an impression. Let me take you on my bobbled journey.

Their Flaming Brown Sugar Milk Tea was an exciting rendezvous. Although not a masterpiece, the concoction was fairly enjoyable. I’d personally score it at a solid seven out of ten. It provides a nice go-to option when you are trying to warm up on a rainy day, lending a hint of comfort on those damp times.

The next is the Pineapple Mango Jelly Tea which unfortunately, was quite a conundrum. The shop was absolutely generous with the jelly but the flavor just wasn’t at par. The overworked ice and pre-fixed sweetness took away the much needed oomph from the fruity summer vibe you’d expect in such a blend. Sometimes, less is indeed more when it comes to flavor protocols in bubble tea land.

The Taro flavor bubble tea brought me a bit of a surprise. It deviated from the norm, not just in taste, but in appearance as well. The striking brown hue was a variation from the usual and the taste – well, let’s just say it was different. While unique can sometimes be refreshing, they probably could relook at how they approach the taro flavor.

Overall, this shop has a diverse menu and is worth exploring. While all the flavors may not be a hit, each one would surely leave you with an experience. So if you’re up for a boba adventure, don’t hesitate to drop by. Its location could be your bubble tea escapade!

Address: 224 Thayer St A2,Providence,RI 02906
boba in newport Empire Tea & Coffee Newport, RI

3) Empire Tea & Coffee

Our Review of Empire Tea & Coffee in Newport, RI

Upon my recent visit to this unique bubble tea spot, I must say, the ambience strikes you as tastefully compact with sweeping, charming views that boost your mood instantly. The place boasts a petite setup, providing an intimate atmosphere that manages to encapsulate the vibrant and bustling energy of the establishment. Indeed, it can become a bit challenging if you’re dropping by during peak hours, and seating might be an issue due to its limited capacity. However, the scenic charisma of the nearby waterfront compensates greatly as you can enjoy your bubble tea along with a serene backdrop, which I personally found to be a delightful touch.

This joint greets you not only with a flavourful array of bubble teas but also serves up other delectable delights such as breakfast sandwiches that are as fulfilling as they are tantalising. One can also savour the good-old hot coffee – a perfect kick-starter for the day, or choose from an enticing menu that also features an inviting avocado toast.

I feel it’s only fair to mention the remarkable efficiency of the service here. I found that orders appeared super quick, negating any concerns of a long wait, even during busy hours. Additionally, their innovative beverage menu deserves a mention. Surely, bubble tea is the star here, but do not miss out on their curious concoctions as I couldn’t resist trying the ‘Lucky charms latte’, a refreshingly unique beverage, perfect for a sunny day by the water.

Parking can be a bit tricky, with street parking being the only available option. But overall, I found a visit to this bubble tea place a worthwhile expedition for the taste buds, giving both a familiar comfort and new experiences under one cozy roof. The balance of inviting flavours, good service, and visually pleasing elements brings out the best in what a bubble tea experience should be. Highly recommended!

Address: 251 Thames St,Bristol,RI 02809
boba in newport Ten One Tea House Newport, RI

4) Ten One Tea House

Our Review of Ten One Tea House in Newport, RI

I recently had the delightful opportunity to visit Ten One Teahouse nestled in the heart of Rhode Island. As a bubble tea aficionado, let me tell you, this isn’t just your average boba stop! Right from the get-go, the place exudes an aura of surprise and charm that simply overwhelmed me. It’s almost like finding a diamond in the rough – you don’t expect such a stellar bubble tea joint in these parts of the state.

But Ten One Teahouse isn’t just about location. What really stood out for me was the level of creativity infused into their drinks. Their offerings not only quenched my thirst but ignited my taste buds with a parade of unique flavors – something that’s a rarity in the ever-identical sea of bubble tea shops.

Exceptionality doesn’t just stop with the drinks though. The service at Ten One Teahouse was spot-on. The staff were not only friendly, greeting me with warm smiles, but also efficient, ensuring I had the best experience in their establishment. And in such a welcoming environment, how could one possibly resist the urge to stay a moment longer, seated comfortably in their cozy establishment gorging on refreshing sips of boba tea?

In my opinion, Ten One Teahouse is more than just a tea house – it’s a symphony of rare finds, be it with their one-of-a-kind tea blends, commendable service, or inviting space. It’s an unexpected delight right in the heart of Rhode Island, one that left me pleasantly surprised and craving for more.

Address: 216 Thayer St,Providence,RI 02906
boba in newport Tiger Sugar Newport, RI

5) Tiger Sugar

Our Review of Tiger Sugar in Newport, RI

Having popped into this bubble tea location multiple times, I’ve certainly had the opportunity to explore a broad selection of their offerings. I must admit, there have been a couple of unfortunate instances where the chosen drinks didn’t quite hit the mark. Unfortunately, I can’t recall all the details, but let’s chalk that up to a ‘live and learn’ experience and focus on the boba that did make an impression.

Tiger Sugar really distinguishes itself from the crowd of bubble tea shops, catapulting itself ahead of the competition. Their robust offerings and use of fresh ingredients place them on a higher rung, especially when it comes to their variety of taro-based drinks. The taro pudding is a standout, with fresh chunks of taro seamlessly blending with a silky crème that hits just the right balance of sweet and earthy.

My inner coffee lover was also quite enthralled by their coffee-based boba drinks, which had a delightful buzz and an appealing flavor profile that is both unique and compelling. Their most acclaimed offering, though, has to be the brown sugar boba, that has become something of a signature item for Tiger Sugar.

Despite a few minor stumbles, this Thayer St/PVD spot impresses with its savory bubble tea selection, especially when it comes to the taro and coffee-infused boba. Looking beyond the conventional and exploring the innovative and ambitious side of bubble tea, Tiger Sugar successfully tickles the taste buds and serves as a notable location for all bubble tea enthusiasts. Cheers to many more lip-smacking sips!

Address: 288 Thayer St,Providence,RI 02906

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Newport, RI?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Newport, RI at Empire Tea and Coffee, Vivi Bubble Tea, Empire Tea & Coffee, Ten One Tea House, and Tiger Sugar.