Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Orlando, FL

Welcome, bubble tea connoisseurs, to the vibrant, sun-drenched city of Orlando, Florida, affectionately known as ‘The City Beautiful.’ I’m Chris, your go-to bubble tea reviewer, currently basking in the warm and lively atmosphere of this wonderful city. Situated in the Sunshine State, Orlando is famous for its theme parks, but little do people know about its burgeoning bubble tea scene, a hidden paradise for all tea lovers like us.

Here in the heart of Florida, amidst the roller coaster screams and expressive street murals, lies an oasis of sweet, refreshing tapioca pearls floating in a sea of fragrant tea, a testament to Orlando’s cultural diversity. It’s a city where bubble tea has transcended being just a drink, and has become an immersive, multisensory experience.

Whether you’re a loved up couple looking for a unique date experience or a family tired from a day in the parks, Orlando’s bubble tea scene will rejuvenate your senses and revive your spirits. With a range of tea houses from upscale lounges offering artisanal bubble tea concoctions to quirky, street side cafes serving traditional brews, there’s something for everyone!

But, what makes the Orlando bubble tea experience truly unique? Scroll down to dive deeper into my in-depth reviews, as I take you on a tantalizing journey through the best that this bubble tea heaven has to offer.

Top 5 Best Bubble Tea in Orlando, FL Reviews

If you are looking for boba tea orlando, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best boba tea orlando!

boba tea orlando ROYALTEA Orlando, FL


Our Review of ROYALTEA in Orlando, FL

Upon recent exploration, I found myself standing in line at this quaint bubble tea spot tucked down the lane and just around the corner from a favourite lunch establishment of mine – the vibe was unarguably trendy. Echoing the very essence of the bub-tea-tastic culture, the aura within the precincts of this bubble tea haven was refreshing.

What immediately piqued my curiosity was the sheer variety of flavors on offer. From delicate, luscious fruits to decadent, robust tea profiles, there was enough and yet still more, appealing to any and every palate that approaches. An array of options often leads to some confusion, but the friendly staff played their role to perfection, swiftly guiding through responses with polished ease.

However, the real story unfolded as the taste test commenced. The unanimity among flavors was that they skewed heavily towards the side of sweet. Now, while it stands true that a certain dollop of sweetness is a prerequisite in the world of bubble tea, it is, nonetheless, the quintessential balance of flavors that transports you to bubble tea nirvana. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the balance seemed slightly tipped in favor of sweetness.

The stand-out performer of the experience doesn’t come served in a vibrant cup with an oversized straw but the place itself. The setting is ripe with a cool and laid-back atmosphere, just the place to kick back, sip, and soak in the vibes.

At the end of the day, was it a bad bubble tea experience? Not entirely. But if you’re a fan of heavily sweetened beverage or not particular with the subtleties in your bubble tea flavors, this location may hit the spot right on for you. However, for those who prefer a meticulously maintained equilibrium of flavors, you might find your taste buds in a bit of a swirl here. Just remember – the journey of finding the perfect bubble tea continues!

Address: 714 N Mills Ave,Orlando,FL 32803
boba tea orlando Quickly Boba N Snow Orlando, FL

2) Quickly Boba N Snow

Our Review of Quickly Boba N Snow in Orlando, FL

Upon my latest visit to Quickly Boba, I was completely taken in by the twinkling fairy lights illuminating the store. This interior decor heightened my overall experience as I hilariously stumbled across this joint. Moreover, it was their ordering process that was straightforward and seemed to add to the charm of the place.

Now, let’s talk about the main event- the Boba! This place has turned out a fan favorite, especially when it comes to Taro flavor. After savouring it myself, I have to agree with the popular opinion, Quickly Boba serves one of the best Taro Bubble Teas in town.

But don’t you dare overlook their food! Adding to the experience, there’s a variety of options you don’t want to miss. The corn dog, to my surprise, turned out to be a perfect blend of sweet and savory. Surely, they have managed to nail that delightful balance to perfection.

Moreover, their bao is worth writing home about and the bahn mi will leave you hankering for more. For first-timers, I’d also recommend trying their mochi waffle and poke. It’s a unique culinary journey that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Every visit to Quickly Boba, for me, feels more like a small treat. And, whether you’re after a ‘lil pick me up or just fancy a good meal, this place is bound to deliver!

Address: 3214 E Colonial Dr,Orlando,FL 32803
boba tea orlando Quickly Boba Tea Orlando, FL

3) Quickly Boba Tea

Our Review of Quickly Boba Tea in Orlando, FL

Stumbling upon this bubble tea spot was indeed a delightful surprise. Their offer is not only limited to teas, as they provide tasty food as well; every bite seemed fresh and prepared with care, ensuring swift service with no compromise on quality.

Next, let’s delve into the heart of the establishment – the bubble tea. It’s hard not to make this bubbly spot a regular pilgrimage, considering how precisely they craft their bobas. Every sip is like a mini celebration, a perfect blend of flavors carried up in each bead of boba.

The taro bubble tea with its creamy, earthy flavor was an instant hit, an unparalleled delight for a taro fan like me. The delicate balance of sweetness and earthiness was enough to transport me to a different world. The strawberry tea, too, was a vibrant, refreshing experience that burst into flavor at each sip, thanks to the poppin’ boba.

The efficiency of the employees is remarkable – even when faced with sudden showers and consequent influx of tea-drinkers looking for a cozy respite, they were as quick as lightning, making sure everyone walked out with a warm smile and a delightful drink in hand.

In conclusion, this place is a sanctuary for boba enthusiasts in Orlando, armed with an excellent menu and outstanding service that will make you return for more. So whether it’s a much-needed bubble tea rush, or just a refreshing sip to brighten your day, you can count on this place.

Address: 9900 Universal Blvd,Orlando,FL 32819
boba tea orlando Chewy Boba Company Orlando, FL

4) Chewy Boba Company

Our Review of Chewy Boba Company in Orlando, FL

During my numerous travels, I often find myself craving an icy, delicious bubble tea. Recently, I found myself at this bubbly haven called Chewy Boba. Nestled conveniently in the neighbourhood, it quickly caught my eye and I couldn’t resist the urge to pop in.

Chewy Boba, though a comparatively newer joint for those of us hooked on the bubble tea trend, has a strong legacy under its belt. It’s been serving its refreshing beverages since 2002 and has stood unwavered in quality and customer satisfaction over the years.

Even the most discerning tea lovers will be hard-pressed to find a tea house that matches Chewy Boba’s offerings. Their boba is simply unrivalled; soft yet chewy, they are the perfect accompaniment to the delicious array of tea that captivate your senses. From the traditional favorites to some more adventurous options, whatever tickles your bubble tea cravings, they have it.

And if you’re in a mood to try something new and exciting, then their Lychee fruit tea provides a much-anticipated break from the norm. Served up in a generous portion, it’s just the type of refreshing twist you would need on a day out.

The charm of Chewy Boba, additionally, extends beyond their menu. The place reverberates with hospitality and the service is impeccable. Whether you’re a regular or a newcomer, the staff greets you with an equally warm welcome.

If your palate seeks a sweet closure post the perfect bubble tea, Macarons at Chewy Boba are a delicacy you simply cannot skip. With just the perfect texture and flavor, they manage to hit that sweet spot every single time.

So, whether you’re out for comics, on a casual drive, or just in the mood for a fulfilling cup of bubble tea, this is the place to be! The experience at Chewy Boba is sure to leave you refreshed, fulfilled and yearning for more.

Address: 1212 E Colonial Dr,Orlando,FL 32803
boba tea orlando Ice & Bites Cafe Orlando, FL

5) Ice & Bites Cafe

Our Review of Ice & Bites Cafe in Orlando, FL

Venturing into a new bubble tea spot, you are eager and ready to be captivated by this uniquely charming hub which, although relatively small in size, brims with an allure that commands attention – even in the darkness of night.

Upon your first encounter, you might find your bubble tea dreams slightly dashed when they regretfully admit to being out of taro ice cream, one of their novelty flavours. But hold that thought – they skilfully navigate this mishap by offering substitute flavours such as classic vanilla, showcasing their adaptability and customer-centric focus and keeping your possibilities for a delightful boba experience alive.

Immerse yourself in a bubble tea journey where the experience transcends the exclusivity of boba lovers. Those skeptical of the boba phenomena will find themselves pleasantly surprised. Notably, the welcoming and well-versed staff crown this place as a location worthy of your time. They enhance the ambiance by creating a comfortable, engaging atmosphere even for those just beginning to dabble in bobalicious explorations.

So whether you’re a bubble tea veteran or newcomer, this is a spot you won’t want to pass up on. It’s a boba adventure far more than just tea and tapioca – it’s an immersion in a passionately curated boba environment.

Address: 3402 Technological Ave,Orlando,FL 32817

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Orlando, FL?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Orlando, FL at ROYALTEA, Quickly Boba N Snow, Quickly Boba Tea, Chewy Boba Company, and Ice & Bites Cafe.