Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Redmond, WA

Hey everyone, Chris here! Nestled in the heart of King County, Washington, lies a city known for tech innovators and vibrant cultural scenes – Redmond, WA. But aside from the software HQs and leafy trails, Redmond offers an unexpected delight for the taste buds with a booming bubble tea scene! Sweeping streets lined with quirky shops – each with a different bubble tea twist – welcome enthusiasts to go boba-bingeing. If you’re all about the chewy tapioca pearls, creamy milk teas, or those refreshing fruit-infused versions, the Redmond bubble tea scene is a total game changer. Whether you like your bubble tea classic or you’re in for a wild new flavor adventure, the city offers a wide range, enough to satisfy even the pickiest bubble tea aficionado. Want to know the best places I’ve hit? Well, keep scrolling, ’cause I’ll be spilling the “tea” on Redmond’s best bubble tea below!

Top 5 Best Bubble Tea in Redmond, WA Reviews

If you are looking for boba redmond, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best boba redmond!

boba redmond Sharetea Redmond, WA

1) Sharetea

Our Review of Sharetea in Redmond, WA

Stepping into this bubble tea joint was akin to stepping into a haven of taste sensation, my taste buds eager to explore and my heart fluttering with an affinity for tea bubble. The ambience was bustling, pulsing with a captivating vibrancy one could associate with popular establishments. The seating arrangement was a tad minimal, but honestly, that wasn’t the main point of focus. It was all about the bubble tea.

Their menu holds an impressive assortment of beverages, but what truly intrigued me was their Kiwi Fruit tea. Their new drink seemed like the perfect antidote for a warm sunny day when you’re hankering for a quick pick-me-up that’s both subtly sweet and supremely refreshing. They ingeniously balance the natural tartness of kiwi with the mild sweetness of the tea, and the result is a drink that somehow quenches your thirst and leaves you craving more at the same time.

Now, let’s talk about the general bubble tea, for I am sure that’s what you’re all excited about. Being a regular patient at the clinic of Bubble Tea lovers, I can confirm that this location maintains the standard you’d expect from a reputable global bubble tea chain. Consistency is key and they seem to have aced this principle, as every sip reminds me why I fell in love with bubble tea in the first place. The tea had a lush, creamy richness and a velvety texture that proved to be strangely addictive.

But it’s not just about the taste, it’s about the experience. It’s about striding over to the corner shop with an expectant smile, spoiling yourself with a decadent drink, and watching the world go by as you sip in pure, unadulterated joy. It’s a feeling that only tea lovers could truly understand, and this location seems to understand this sentiment as well, delivering not just exceptional tea, but an experience worth remembering.

Address: 911 N 10th Pl,Renton,WA 98057
boba redmond Pochi Bubble Tea Cafe Redmond, WA

2) Pochi Bubble Tea Cafe

Our Review of Pochi Bubble Tea Cafe in Redmond, WA

As a bubble tea lover, I hold a special place in my heart for Pochi’s. It’s not just a spot in the area, but one of the alluring ones, oozing with character and a certain amount of nostalgia. Pochi’s had been around since the early days of the bubble tea evolution, making them a storefront through memory lane. Their offerings reach back into what makes bubble tea special.

The environment is everything, and Pochi’s doles out a laid-back and fun aura that just makes your bubble tea experience better. They have an amazing array of games which allows for some friendly competition alongside sips of bubbly goodness. This interactive set-up makes you feel right at home, immersing you in an entertaining environment while enjoying your tea.

Their menu isn’t a one-trick pony either. Diverse and packed with both hot and savory selections, it offers more than just your typical boba fix. Pochi’s goes beyond and conquers the doleful norm of lackluster food menus in numerous bubble tea spots. Their variety might make you forget that you originally stepped in for just tea.

Pochi’s is an old-timey goodness packaged in a modern setting, a trademark that separates them from the crowd. It keeps up with the nostalgia tag and yet doesn’t shy away from the contemporary boba standards. This combination is what makes the place different and special. A quintessential haven for every bubble tea enthusiast.

Address: 1211 164th St SW,Lynnwood,WA 98087
boba redmond Tapioca Express Redmond, WA

3) Tapioca Express

Our Review of Tapioca Express in Redmond, WA

Venturing into this bubble tea spot, I was immediately charmed by not only its offerings but the welcoming aura that seemed to radiate from the staff. A place of late-night refuge for any boba fanatics or authentic Taiwanese food seekers on the Eastside, this location serves as a oasis tucked in the urban terrain.

To speak of prices, let’s just say your wallet won’t get a workout here. The bubble tea, along with their flavorful slushies, come at a cost that are easy on the pocket, while giving your taste buds quite the little party. The variety of options this place presents is impressive, almost like a rainbow of beverages to choose from. Though, as it goes for all places with wide-ranging menus, there can be occasional misses, but the hits definitely compensate, hitting that perfect sweet spot.

The food, too, is worthy of a rave, so let’s not leave that unsung. From what I’ve tasted, the popcorn chicken stands out as a must-try, along with their beef noodle which evokes authentic Taiwanese flavors.

To sum it up, this establishment is a great go-to for any bubble tea enthusiasts or Taiwanese food devotees. The laid-back ambiance, friendly service, reasonable pricing, and the diverse menus will most likely make you a regular once you’ve stepped foot here. Practical, pleasing and perfectly seasoned – a winning trio indeed!

Address: 15230 NE 24th St,Redmond,WA 98052
boba redmond Bobae Coffee & Tea Redmond, WA

4) Bobae Coffee & Tea

Our Review of Bobae Coffee & Tea in Redmond, WA

The bubble tea at this place leaves quite an impression! Starting off, it becomes clear that it’s not just the drinks that win hearts but the brains behind this operation as well. The owners have effectively translated their knowledge of running a successful business into this venture. It’s no surprise then that their commitment to the craft truly shines through.

The staff also add significant value to the overall experience. They not just serve you with a beaming smile but also are ever ready to run you through the bubble tea journey. It’s their enthusiasm that makes your interactions with them feel warm and engaging. This place truly excels at making you feel like a valued customer and not just another transaction.

Having said that, I’d advise you to come prepared. Their cash handling system does have its quirks. If you’re one to usually pay in cash, make sure you have exact change on you. There’s a chance you might have to part ways with your extra coins, as they seemingly have a habit of keeping the change.

In all, their bubble tea is definitely a showstopper. I mean, how often do you find yourself surrounded by a managing team that’s invested and a staff that’s passionate, all while savoring some fine quality bubble tea? The change incident does leave a slightly bitter aftertaste but don’t let that deter you from the otherwise excellent bubble tea experience here.

Address: 14015 NE Woodinville Duvall Rd,Woodinville,WA 98072
boba redmond Meet Fresh Redmond, WA

5) Meet Fresh

Our Review of Meet Fresh in Redmond, WA

In my opinion, the bubble tea at this location certainly stands out, particularly for its impressive take on refreshing dessert options. Offering delightful concoctions like the grass jelly and tofu variants that seem to blend the iconic Taiwanese dessert aesthetic with the casual grab-and-go concept, this place provides a unique experience that I am personally appreciative of. The grass jelly winter melon tea definitely draws attention with its cooling qualities, perfect for fleeing from a scorching day.

Among the myriad of bubble tea chains that I’ve had the pleasure of frequenting, one can’t help but admire the hard-earned consistency this place holds dear. The quality here is as good as any other, if not exceeding some. That uniform excellence doesn’t lose its charm, be it any location you choose to visit.

As a dessert connoisseur, the breadth of their dessert menu compelled me. And trust me when I say, my passion for shaved ice is as big and significant as my obsession with bubble tea. Delving into the adventurous array of options, the red bean matcha shaved ice turned out to be a monumental revelation, enjoyed and unanimously appreciated by my friends and I.

Certainly, this bubble tea location deserves a hearty endorsement for its impressive range of options, consistent quality, and eye for balancing traditional flavours with innovative ideas. Surely the kind of place you’d come again and again – each time leaving with an enhanced appreciation for the nuanced craft that is Taiwanese bubble tea.

Address: 15552 Lake Hills Blvd,Bellevue,WA 98007

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Redmond, WA?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Redmond, WA at Sharetea, Pochi Bubble Tea Cafe, Tapioca Express, Bobae Coffee & Tea, and Meet Fresh.