Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Columbia Heights, DC

Welcome to Columbia Heights, DC, a thriving neighborhood bursting with diversity, colorful, historical homes, and of course, an exciting selection of bubble tea spots to tickle your palate. A location that marries the old with the new, exposing an urban feel amidst its charming rowhouses and aisles that overflow with a cultural richness. Right in the heart of this eclectic neighborhood, I found myself steeped in a myriad of bubble tea experiences waiting to be relished. It was here that I indulged in the art of finessing the perfect blend of aromatic tea, playful boba, and the magic of varying, yet distinctive tastes. Whether you’re a tried and true bubble tea devotee or new to this enticing world of flavors, I assure you, Columbia Heights leaves no palate unexplored. Venture with me as we traverse through alleyways, immerse in the vibe and of course sip on some seriously sensational bubble tea! From tantalizing flavor mixtures to standout shops, it’s all waiting a mere scroll away!

Top 5 Best Boba in Columbia Heights, DC Reviews

If you are looking for dc boba columbia heights, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best dc boba columbia heights!

dc boba columbia heights Teas'n You Fusion Tea House Columbia Heights, DC

1) Teas’n You Fusion Tea House

Our Review of Teas’n You Fusion Tea House in Columbia Heights, DC

If you’re on the hunt for a bubble tea spot that offers more than your average fare, this is definitely a place worth checking out. On my first visit, I was immediately taken aback by the impressive variety of drinks they had on offer. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill bubble tea shop—far from it.

As soon as you walk through the doors, it’s obvious that thought and care has gone into the aesthetic setup. The space is cleverly laid out, allowing for clusters of friendly gatherings without feeling too cramped. Stylish and spacious, it’s got the vibe of a trendy cafe, making it a perfect pit-stop to catch up with friends over a refreshing bubble tea.

Beyond the atmosphere, this bubble tea location has managed to retain its charm and quality over the years. There have certainly been some changes as the place has evolved, but these changes have only amplified the allure of the location. It’s the kind of place you could easily find yourself frequenting often.

On the food front, I couldn’t get enough of their basil chicken along with that heavenly mocha. Be sure to pair it with one of their creative tea concoctions—the combination is a match made in gastronomic heaven. Just a little heads up, they do get busy toward closing time, so you may want to visit earlier to avoid the rush. But trust me, it’s totally worth it.

From their diverse array of drinks to the overall ambiance, it’s clear that the team behind this bubble tea spot knows what they’re doing. A visit here stands out as an experience you won’t forget easily. I will be back for more, no doubt about that.

Address: 8032 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182
dc boba columbia heights Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee Columbia Heights, DC

2) Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee

Our Review of Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee in Columbia Heights, DC

There’s this charming little haven I recently stumbled upon, that’s a perfect respite from those mid-week blues. Step into the world that is Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee and you’ll find yourself surrounded by an array of delightful indulgences. Their offerings are diverse and their specialty – as the name suggests – is dessert, done right. However, my interest was piqued by their Bubble Tea and I must say, it was a rewarding experience.

The space at Magnolia is whimsical and cozy, with a touch of vintage decor that makes it perfect for a catch-up with friends or a quiet date for one. The welcoming aura of this place makes it easy to lose track of time. But it’s not just the ambiance that’s captivating, it’s also what they offer – an extensive menu of delightful treats beckoning from behind the counter.

My choice was their Matcha Bubble Tea, an experience I embarked on during a relatively quiet morning. The swiftness with which I was served was rather impressive. But it was the quality of the tea that truly blew me away. The balance of flavors in the Matcha Bubble Tea was just right – not too bitter, but not overly saccharine either.

In conclusion, whether you’re seeking solace with a sweet treat or craving a refreshing drink, Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee is one place that will surely tick all the boxes. And from my own personal experience, their Bubble Tea, especially the Matcha Bubble Tea, stands tall among their many offerings – it’s a must-try!

Address: 431 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180
dc boba columbia heights SnoCream Company Columbia Heights, DC

3) SnoCream Company

Our Review of SnoCream Company in Columbia Heights, DC

This bubble tea establishment offers a delightful late-night fix for the modern tea connoisseur. Its round-the-clock availability is simply amazing, unlike many other spots that tend to close early and often leave us dessert-lovers in a lurch. A great spot to get your midnight sugar rush sorted!

The transformation of the place from humble beginnings in a bus to a more permanent location in the vivacious block food hall has been quite a journey. It’s not just about selling bubble tea, but a testament to their dedication towards their craft and customers. Quite an interesting aspect to note.

The vibe of this bubble tea spot is pretty urban. It fits in perfectly with the bustling hall that houses various accompanying food outlets. The hall offers ample seating, both indoors and outdoors, however, it can get quite busy during peak hours. But hey, the crowd only adds to the lively atmosphere, right?

Now, let’s talk about what truly matters – the bubble tea. The most endearing part about the tea is the texture. It’s an experience that your palate will relish and will keep you coming back for more. Passion for quality and innovation is quite evident in their delightful offering.

The servers are always friendly, adding a warm touch to your visit. There’s nothing more comforting than being greeted with a smile, whilst savoring your favorite glass of bubble tea.

Their commitment to innovation extends to their menu as well. The SnoCream, a blend of shaved ice and bubble tea, is nothing less than a heavenly match. Few things in life can match the joy of enjoying your favorite bubble tea variant on a hot day, and the SnoCream aptly checks that box.

In conclusion, this bubble tea spot is a wonderful blend of great tea, warm service, a lively atmosphere, and constant efforts towards innovation. It’s sure to win over not just the ardent bubble tea lovers, but the uninitiated as well. A truly recommended spot to satiate your bubble tea cravings!

Address: 4221 John Marr Dr, Annandale, VA 22003
dc boba columbia heights TeaDM Lounge Columbia Heights, DC

4) TeaDM Lounge

Our Review of TeaDM Lounge in Columbia Heights, DC

In my delightful bubble tea adventure, this particular stop has left me with quite an impression. The highlight for me was their dairy-free offerings, an absolute treat for those with dietary restrictions. Not to mention, it was notably creamy, redefining my expectations of dairy-free.

One thing that sets this place apart is the extraordinary customer service. Although there might be a language barrier with some of the staff, their quick smiles and expressions of gratitude are more than enough to make one feel welcomed and appreciated. Their effort to communicate effectively truly adds to the charm.

Now, let’s talk about the drinks. Their Avocado and Salted Coffee bubble tea turned out to be a great surprise. Rich in flavor and very satisfying, I can see why they are crowd favorites. However, something to note is their sugar levels. If you’re someone who prefers a less sweet bubble tea, it might be prudent to specify your sugar level. Their 100% sugar level tends to lean on the overly sweet side when compared to most other bubble tea locations.

All in all, this location provides a stellar bubble tea experience with its creamy dairy-free options, friendly staff, and diverse flavor offerings. However, remember to specify your sweetness preference to ensure the perfect bubble tea experience suited to your taste.

Address: 6779 Wilson Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044
dc boba columbia heights Soricha Tea & Theater Columbia Heights, DC

5) Soricha Tea & Theater

Our Review of Soricha Tea & Theater in Columbia Heights, DC

Stepping into this bubble tea location feels like stepping into another world. It has a cool interior that blends cafe vibes with traditional Korean furniture, and in this peaceful atmosphere, you can enjoy a variety of irresistible treats. The cultural and contemporary blend of the interior design adds an inclusive touch to the overall ambience making it a unique yet comforting place to unwind.

Speaking of treats, the food here is not to be missed. I had a crowaffle, which is a rice cake waffle. Delicious! The ice cream was a wonderful addition, giving the waffle a cool, creamy counterpart. But the standout dish here for me was the black sesame bingsoo – an icy, refreshing dessert that left me wanting more.

The beverage offerings are just as exciting, if not more. The teas available here are fantastic – they’re all authentic, refined, and bursting with flavour. One thing that truly caught my attention was the Sesame Mochi Waffle. A unique dessert that’s a scrumptious fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours.

And finally, what would a Bubble tea specialist like me be without mentioning the bubble tea! It is genuinely one of the best I’ve had in a while. Refreshing, perfectly sweetened, and the bubbles have that satisfying chewiness.

There’s a reason I fell in love with this place, and it dates back to when it first opened up around 2016. You can feel that it’s more than just a business. It’s passion, it’s tradition, it’s innovation, and it’s a blend of all these factors that come together to form this fantastic bubble tea haunt that everyone should experience at least once.

In conclusion, this bubble tea location offers a uniquely beautiful space and a wide range of top-notch desserts and teas. And most importantly, it serves the kind of bubble tea that can make you a fan instantly if you weren’t one already!

Address: 7112 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Columbia Heights, DC?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Columbia Heights, DC at Teas’n You Fusion Tea House, Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee, SnoCream Company, TeaDM Lounge, and Soricha Tea & Theater.