Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Columbus, OH

Welcome to Columbus, OH, a city that bubbles with excitement and flavor! As I ventured into this vibrant and bustling metropolis, my taste buds were tingling with anticipation. Known for its eclectic food scene, Columbus has revealed a hidden gem that has aficionados and newcomer tea enthusiasts alike buzzing with excitement – the bubble tea. Join me on a captivating journey through the city’s diverse bubble tea offerings, as we delve into each unique concoction and uncover the tantalizing secrets hidden within each cup. Scroll further to immerse yourself in the world of Columbus’ bubble tea and tantalize your senses with every sip. Let’s discover the ultimate bubble tea experience together!

Top 5 Best Boba in Columbus, OH Reviews

If you are looking for bubble tea in columbus ohio, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best bubble tea in columbus ohio!

bubble tea in columbus ohio Bubbles The Tea & Juice Company Columbus, OH

1) Bubbles The Tea & Juice Company

Our Review of Bubbles The Tea & Juice Company in Columbus, OH

In my visit to Bubbles the Tea and Juice, I was immediately struck by the warmth and positivity of the atmosphere. The service, in all its beaming friendliness, truly encourages one to make this bubble tea place a familiar haunt.

While their in-person service is impeccable, my experience with their online ordering system was somewhat less ideal. When the popular boba ingredient was unavailable, it was not duly communicated on their online platform, leading to a somewhat disappointing surprise. Moreover, while the resolution was managed through the provision of a coupon, in my view, clearer communication would do far better in maintaining their customer satisfaction score; we all seek precision when it comes to our bubble tea orders, after all.

On a more refreshing note, a visit to the place post a hearty meal at Bibibop is thoroughly recommended. The anticipation of a cool, flavorful bubble tea to finish off a savoury meal is a prospect that this place successfully delivers on without a doubt.

Bubbles the Tea and Juice radiates a captivating mix of excellent service and refreshing beverages. Though a slight tweak in their online communication can make this place an ideal hub for all bubble tea aficionados.

Address: Easton Town Ctr,Columbus,OH 43219
bubble tea in columbus ohio First Corner Bubble Tea Shop Columbus, OH

2) First Corner Bubble Tea Shop

Our Review of First Corner Bubble Tea Shop in Columbus, OH

I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying this particular bubble tea spot and I must say that it was a unique experience. On one hand, the menu offers an impressive range of options – a delightful surprise for those who follow a vegan diet. Each drink option is jam-packed with flavor and the joy that comes from a truly sublime cup of bubble tea.

The staff at this establishment holds the reins to this horse. They generally seem to sweep in on a wave of kindness and warmth, making your bubble tea experience absolutely wonderful. However, sometimes their customer service can be a bit hit or miss, but all places have their off days right?

On a less endearing note, there’s an undeniable hint of artificial scent in the air, presumably from the plastic. It creates an ambiance more akin to a yoga studio than to a cozy tea shop. So, while the bubble tea is undeniably good, the environment lacks the expected inviting aura. But hey, don’t judge a book by its cover!

One perk – particularly for those looking to grab a cup before a flight – is the availability of street parking. It was surprisingly easy to find, making this the perfect pit stop!

On the whole, this place is rather impressive in the bubble tea quality, but could use a bit more warmth and care added to the ambiance. Now is it the best boba shop in Ohio? Well, that might be reaching – but it isn’t too far off the mark. I must say the drinks truly make up for any shortcomings. The vegan options in particular are a refreshing addition to the menu! If you’re in the area – don’t hesitate to give it a shot! Remember, a whiff of plastic never hurt anyone. After all, it’s all about the boba!

Address: 2408 E Main St,Columbus,OH 43209
bubble tea in columbus ohio Hi Bubbles Columbus, OH

3) Hi Bubbles

Our Review of Hi Bubbles in Columbus, OH

On entering the delightful bubble tea shop I was immediately impressed by its undeniable charm – it’s practically tailored for Instagrammable moments. The location is superb—a rare gem tucked away and blessed with generous parking facilities. Moreover, navigating the impressive vastness of the menu concurrently excites and bewilders the senses.

Now down to the good stuff. The bubble tea. The taro tea was absolutely divine. The blend of flavors is perfect and I couldn’t help myself from gulping the entire thing down in one go. The boba is also perfectly cooked and beautifully compliments the taro tea. Coupled with affordable prices, it’s easy to see why this spot would be an irresistible attraction.

Additionally, this charming spot holds the distinction of being one of the few places in the city that serves satisfying snow desserts, something that certainly makes it stand out among the crowd.

Unfortunately, the experience can be slightly marred by less than stellar service. The ambience of the place demands a certain level of communication and politeness from its staff. Take note, the employes could use some improvement in their order-taking skills as well as their demeanors. Patience and a keen ear can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Despite the minor pitfalls, I would definitely recommend this spot for all your bubble tea cravings. The delicious tea coupled with the wide menu selection and brilliant location makes it a favourite. I will indeed be back to try more offerings on their menu. Remember to exercise a little patience with the order-taking and you should be fine.

After all, the best bubble tea is worth a little wait.

Address: 1065 Gemini Pl,Columbus,OH 43240
bubble tea in columbus ohio Vivi Bubble Tea - Dublin Columbus, OH

4) Vivi Bubble Tea – Dublin

Our Review of Vivi Bubble Tea – Dublin in Columbus, OH

Visiting Vivi Bubble Tea amidst the bubbling OSU campus area or Dublin’s quaint neighbourhood is always an exciting and lively experience. The second outlet that opened in Dublin has been my sweet escape since its inception. The cherry on the cake is its proximity to Trader Joe’s, making it extremely convenient to grab a quick refreshing drink or a snack.

One can’t help but feel at home in this place with its aesthetically pleasing and cozy interior design. The special summer drinks, particularly the mango-infused options, are an absolute delight. Pushing beyond the conventional boundaries of bubble tea, these beverages add a unique spin to your traditional tea-time favourites.

What truly sets Vivi Bubble Tea from the rest is their fast, friendly service and the fact that it’s a wonderful example of a successful locally-owned business. It’s quite refreshing to know that you’re supporting local when you’re sipping on your favourite exotic beverage. Despite being a tea-centric place, it doesn’t slack off when it comes to food options. Though I’ll keep those delights for another review.

Parking has never been a nuisance here as the area boasts of an extensive parking lot. It’s one area stress-free in this fast-paced urban environment. It may be a small detail but in the bigger picture, it adds a symptom-free charm to the whole experience.

In my opinion, Vivi Bubble Tea is not just a drink, it’s a charming experience. It encapsulates the essence of what a bubble tea place should be – fun, fresh, and unforgettable. After all, what’s better than savoring a refreshing bubble tea in a relaxing ambiance, delivered by a smiling face?

Address: 6375 Sawmill Rd,Dublin,OH 43017
bubble tea in columbus ohio The Brewed Leaf Columbus, OH

5) The Brewed Leaf

Our Review of The Brewed Leaf in Columbus, OH

During my recent visit to this enigmatic bubble tea shop located intriguingly in a basement near the campus, I found myself charmed by more than just the inviting teas. The slightly shadowy entrance conveys a sense of mystery, leading on to an experience that is anything but ordinary. The Brewed Leaf is indeed a delightful escape from the world, with a service that resonates with genuine warmness and courteous alertness, even in these trying times of the pandemic.

As a lover of Thai Milk tea, imagine my pleasant surprise to find a vegan-friendly version that quenches the craving for the creaminess of milk while holding onto my principles. It’s a reassurance that this establishment is considerate of the dietary nuances and preferences of its customers.

Having multiple visits under my belt, I can confirm that the consistency of their quality is not a one-time show. Each visit was just as satisfying, if not more, than the last. The heartiness and quality of the teas at The Brewed Leaf are undeniable and contribute to the longing for a revisit.

I can vividly remember how the place used to buzz with life pre-pandemic, pulsating with good conversation and laughter over glasses of bubble tea. Though these days are quieter, the charm of the place remains. Whether you’re catching up on some work or just wanting to languidly sip on a delightful brew, The Brewed Leaf maintains its magnetic appeal.

This unsuspecting, dainty tea shop, hidden away in a basement, with its fantastic service, offers an assortment of fabulous teas that will suit even those with specific dietary preferences. I believe that The Brewed Leaf is that brew-dazzling gem that you’ll find yourself coming back to, time and time again.

Address: 2060 N High St,Columbus,OH 43201

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Columbus, OH?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Columbus, OH at Bubbles The Tea & Juice Company, First Corner Bubble Tea Shop, Hi Bubbles, Vivi Bubble Tea – Dublin, and The Brewed Leaf.