Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Miami, FL

Welcome to the vibrant city of Miami, where the tropical vibes blend seamlessly with the joys of bubble tea. As a self-proclaimed bubble tea aficionado, I find myself drawn to the diverse flavors and unique concoctions that this city has to offer. From the bustling streets of Little Havana to the trendy cafes of Wynwood, Miami’s bubble tea scene is a colorful mosaic waiting to be explored. Join me on a tantalizing journey as we dive into the rich tapestry of flavors, textures, and adventures that await us in Miami’s bubble tea paradise. Scroll further to discover the hidden gems and delightful surprises that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Top 5 Best Boba in Miami, FL Reviews

If you are looking for bubble tea miami, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best bubble tea miami!

bubble tea miami OhLa Tea Miami, FL

1) OhLa Tea

Our Review of OhLa Tea in Miami, FL

Having visited this bubble tea spot on a couple of occasions, I can emphatically say that this place is no less than 10/10. You might want to try the coffee milk tea with black boba, a unique blend that delivers a delightful experience and is rather pleasing to the taste buds. It does strike a particular chord with the first sip itself, certifying their absolute control over their craft.

Of course, bubble tea is all about personal taste and preferences. I found the tea flavor and the boba here to be distinctive, which was a change of scene from the more generic, run-of-the-mill flavors you come across too often. That being said, their tea may not be everyone’s preferred cup… or should I say, preferred cup of bubble tea!

In addition to the tea, this spot stood out with its waffle ice cream- a gastronomic delight on its own right! If you have a sweet tooth or just want to mix things up, I strongly recommend giving it a try.

Located comfortably in this neighborhood, this little boba shop is an absolute gem and is perfect for those post-park hangouts. There’s nothing like a refreshing bubble tea to round off a sunny day at the park. Moreover, you will be supporting the small and local business which is always a plus, not least for the personalized experience it offers. An imaginative boba place, which I’m certain will win you over as it did me. Come for the boba, stay for the exceptional experience.

Address: 329 NE 167th St,Miami,FL 33162
bubble tea miami Boba And Chill Miami, FL

2) Boba And Chill

Our Review of Boba And Chill in Miami, FL

When you walk into this bubble tea location, you’re immediately hit with a dual vibe that simply reigns supreme. Not only does it house some of the most tantaliously rich food, it also shares its space with an establishment that serves delicious pho. As such, it’s the perfect concoction for a chill day or an adventure of flavors.

The shop itself is incredibly charming. It tugs at your attention with a quaint and captivating appeal, wrapped in elegance and simplicity. It’s snuggled invitingly inside another venue, making it a lovely little surprise – a hidden gem for bubble tea lovers.

With regards to their service, I’ve got to say, they’ve absolutely nailed it. They have got the fine and intricate dance of blending two worlds into one perfectly tuned symphony down to a T. With the combination of a cool atmosphere and perfectly-tailored service, you feel comfortably taken care of. The dedication is evident and it exemplifies the love that they put into their craft.

So, If you’re engraving ticks on your ‘boba to try’ list like me, ensure this location has its deserved place. After all, it’s not every day you find a place where you can indulge in boba and kick back, all in one! This is definitely an incredible place to be at and surely, you wouldn’t want to miss this. From the service to the ambiance, everything at this bubble tea location exudes brilliance.

Address: 14928 Pines Blvd,Pembroke Pines,FL 33027
bubble tea miami Hotline Boba Miami, FL

3) Hotline Boba

Our Review of Hotline Boba in Miami, FL

I recently went on a bubble tea adventure in Miami, and let me tell you, I’ve stumbled upon a boba treasure trove! The place I’m raving about seems to be a hidden gem situated at the back of an Asian mart, an absolutely delightful fusion of convenience and taste. As a person who loves unique, non-traditional settings, this was right up my alley. The trip was not just about the bubble tea – it made for a great shopping haul. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Their menu didn’t disappoint either. You could tell this was a place for bubble tea connoisseurs with the wide range of typical boba flavors you’d expect. The Thai Iced Tea was definitely my boba of the day and trust me, it was nothing short of flavorful. Believe it or not, the secret ingredient that set this Thai Iced Tea apart was none other than condensed milk! Yes, you heard that right. While I do agree that condensed milk can turn any beverage into liquid gold, this fusion in a cup was a revelation in my boba journey.

But that’s not all. For all my lactose-intolerant readers, you’re in for a treat! This place obviously cares about catering to different dietary needs and preferences. They do provide substitutes for milk, and this kind of consideration for inclusivity definitely gave me another reason to fall in love.

In summary, if shopping and boba are your perfect match like they are mine, then this place must be on your go-to list. I sincerely urge you all to check it out not only for their heavenly bubble tea but also to support their business. Because a business that caters to various tastes while promoting inclusivity definitely deserves all the love and support!

Address: 744 SW 8th St,Miami,FL 33130
bubble tea miami Tea N Bites Miami, FL

4) Tea N Bites

Our Review of Tea N Bites in Miami, FL

The moment I stepped into this bubble tea shop, I was charmed by its delightful ambience. This isn’t just a place to snag your typical cup of bubble tea, but it’s an opportunity to venture beyond the conventional offerings and explore a sweet and savory feast, paired with an inventive assortment of smoothies and bubble tea flavors.

Now, let me chat about their bubble teas. There’s an entire symphony in each sip. The brown sugar milk tea, for example, a personal favourite of mine, was an absolute standout. It perfectly captures the warm, rich tones of brown sugar, creating a profoundly comforting drink that is neither overly cloying nor underwhelming.

Contrary to expectation though, their boba cake fell short of the high bar their beverages set. Whilst their boba products are a textbook example of sweetness skillfully done, the cake, let’s say, isn’t the star of the show. The base didn’t meet my expectations in taste, but that doesn’t mean it might not be to someone else’s liking.

One cannot, however, overlook their bite-sized edibles—I remember their pound cake fondly. Each morsel was light, buttery, and subtly sweet—an excellent companion to the boba drinks. Quirky details such as their unique, ‘shovel-like’ spoons add an endearing touch to the overall experience.

In sum, this bubble tea shop goes beyond just providing a diverse range of flavors, it creates an authenticity, a sense of place, that makes every visit memorable. The level of sweetness in their drinks may not be for everyone; it’s catered towards those with a sweet tooth. But if sweet delights tickle your palate, this is an oasis you’ll appreciate.

Address: 7972 SW 8th St,Miami,FL 33144
bubble tea miami Say Tea & Smile Miami, FL

5) Say Tea & Smile

Our Review of Say Tea & Smile in Miami, FL

I must say, this trendy bubble tea spot nestled in the heart of Kendall has truly captured my interest. Finally paying it a visit after much anticipation, I was thrilled to see it lived up to the hype. The place emanates warmth and is incredibly cute, with an undeniable charm that is hard to overlook. It instantly became a favorite of mine to celebrate special occasions, such as a mother’s birthday.

But it’s not only the ambiance that’s impressive; it’s their inclusivity in customer services that makes them stand out. They impeccably cater to everyone, with an extensive menu seemingly designed to accommodate every individual’s taste. This adorable boba hub had already won my heart with their Coral Gables location and opening a new one in West Kendall was nothing short of an enthralling revelation.

I must mention their boba – it’s divine. They managed to take something as simple as bubble tea and turn it into an art, presenting an array of flavors that is sure to delight any palate. It’s a heavenly retreat that could satiate anyone, no matter their beverage preference. In my opinion, this place is not just a café – it’s a haven for tea lovers, a bubble tea paradise tucked away in Kendall. This is not just a review but a heartwarming experience that I’d gladly repeat over and over again.

Address: 4001 SW 152 Av,Miami,FL 33185

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Miami, FL?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Miami, FL at OhLa Tea, Boba And Chill, Hotline Boba, Tea N Bites, and Say Tea & Smile.