Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Berkeley, CA

Welcome to Berkeley, California, where culinary adventures know no bounds! This vibrant city, nestled in the Bay Area, is not only famous for its bohemian atmosphere and world-class university but also for its eclectic bubble tea scene. Prepare yourself for an enchanting journey as we explore the hidden gems and popular hotspots that make Berkeley a paradise for bubble tea enthusiasts. From traditional milk teas bursting with rich flavors to innovative fruit-infused concoctions that tantalize your taste buds, this city has it all. So, whether you’re a curious connoisseur or simply seeking a delightful refreshment, join me as we dive deep into the effervescent world of Berkeley’s bubble tea offerings. Scroll further to uncover the secrets of each distinctive tea spot, sip by sip, and let our taste buds guide us through this extraordinary bubble tea adventure!

Top 5 Best Boba in Berkeley, CA Reviews

If you are looking for boba in berkeley, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best boba in berkeley!

boba in berkeley Feng Cha Teahouse  奉茶 Berkeley, CA

1) Feng Cha Teahouse 奉茶

Our Review of Feng Cha Teahouse 奉茶 in Berkeley, CA

My recent visit to this bubble tea location was nothing short of a delight! With an array of popular flavors, they excel in the fruit tea department, especially. The unique blend of kiwi and citrus teas have left an unerasable, fruity splash in my taste buds. Definitely worth giving a go, if you ask me!

Located conveniently close to UC Berkeley, the shop is tidy and notable for its cleanliness that is sure to leave the hygiene-conscious among us feeling comfortable. Quite the consideration, given the times we are in!

During my visit, I must admit, the Mango Fantasy drink did leave a bit to be desired. It sounded glamorous on the menu but the actual taste fell short of my fruity expectation. Perhaps just a bad day with mangoes, one can never say.

Moving on to their classic oolong tea, I noticed its natural flavor was complemented exquisitely by their unusual tiramisu foam topping. Sugar-less yet delicious – a must try for the health-conscious tea enthusiasts.

But a word of caution – you might want to steer clear of their Oreo cake dessert. It reminded me of having a store-brand biscuit, rather lacking the indulgent richness one hopes for in an Oreo dessert.

To draw it all together, a visit to this bubble tea spot can bring you several delights and just a couple of duds. But with an enchanting blend of flavors on offer, it’s certainly a must-try for all bubble tea lovers, like myself. Especially if you’re a fan of anything offbeat or conveniently located near Berkeley. Good bubble tea with a dash of adventure is always my cup of tea.

Address: 2528A Durant Ave,Berkeley,CA 94704
boba in berkeley Tibear Berkeley, CA

2) Tibear

Our Review of Tibear in Berkeley, CA

As a bubble tea enthusiast, I was eager to give this unique bubble tea location a try. One aspect that sets them apart is their exclusive use of nondescript alternative milks in their drinks; it’s often coconut milk or almond milk. This unusual choice indeed adds a creative flair to their tapioca blends and distinguishes them from the regular bubbly tea scene. A bubbling enthusiast could reasonably get lost in the ocean of variety they offer their customers.

This tea joint is quite the hot spot in Berkeley. Their extensive menu is loaded with adventurous drink options, providing a flexible platform for spotting and trying out new flavors. It’s inspiring to find a spot that pushes the traditional boundaries of bubble tea and evokes a sense of novelty.

However, they do tend to fall short when it comes to durability of their straws. On multiple occasions, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with split straws mid-sip, which can be a real downer when you’re trying to enjoy an otherwise delightful bubble tea. While it’s a relatively minor detail, an improved straw quality would truly augment the overall drinking experience.

All in all, while the drink quality and variety are commendable, there’s a clear opportunity to further refine certain aspects of their service. The unique alternative milks and extensive drink options make it worth the visit, but do brace yourself for potential straw mishaps.

Address: 1938 Shattuck Ave,Berkeley,CA 94704
boba in berkeley Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea Berkeley, CA

3) Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Our Review of Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea in Berkeley, CA

Upon visiting the bubble tea spot at Alameda’s South Shore Mall, I was immediately captivated by the warm and inviting ambiance. The soothing notes of the calming music played in the backdrop certainly added a tranquil touch to the overall experience; it was almost as if the establishment was extending me a warm welcome through its melodious symphonies.

An invaluable asset of this establishment is its remarkable ease of access. Securing a parking spot rarely poses an issue, thus promising a swift and hassle-free visit.

Moving onto the inviting world of their bubble tea menu, Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea is definitely a standout. It has quickly risen up the ranks to become the favorite gem in my bubble tea adventures. The very first sip had me immersed in a symphony of flavors that left a lingering imprint on my taste palate.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to gloss over all the items on their menu with a broad stroke of commendation. I have to confess that the winter melon latte with boba left a little something to be desired. The overall taste profile fell short of the typical richness and tantalizing flavors I have come to appreciate in a good bubble tea.

Regardless, every tasting journey is ripe with the prospects of highs and lows, and this bubble tea expedition was no different. Overall, this Yifang outlet in South Shore Mall, Alameda, definitely possesses elements worthy of a repeat visit.

Address: 409 S Shore Ctr,Alameda,CA 94501
boba in berkeley TP TEA Berkeley, CA


Our Review of TP TEA in Berkeley, CA

TP Tea, located in the bustling heart of downtown San Mateo, is one perfect gem any bubble tea fanatic shouldn’t be missing out on. From first glance, the sheer variety on its menu seems to be an ode to the world of innovative, cool refreshments. There’s a unique blend of options, ensuring there’s always an excuse to plan a return visit to try something different.

Now, let’s dive into the main show – the bubble tea. The first thing that hits your taste buds at TP Tea is the robustness of its tea flavors. There’s no doubt in my mind that only the freshest ingredients and top-quality tea leaves are starting their journey here, infusing their effervescence into every catchy concoction served.

The milk tea specifically deserves an honorable mention. Its rich yet subtle undertones create an indulgent experience that dances on your palate. I believe it’s all due to the high-grade tea leaves they use which brings an authentic tea experience like no other.

For those who enjoy a fun element in their drink, the grass jelly and QQ noodle add-ons are a tasty diversion. Their chewiness brings a delightful contrast to the silkiness of the milk tea, adding an extra dimension to the textural drama happening in your cup.

However, despite its culinary allure, TP Tea is not without its external challenges. It is nestled amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, making parking more of a strategy than convenience. But once you tastefully navigate through that, you are rewarded with an exquisite guilty pleasure in the form of modern, playful desserts.

TP Tea is surely a bubble tea hotspot that wholly embraces and brings to life the essence of contemporary tea culture. So whether you’re a bubble tea newbie or a seasoned sipper, there’s something uniquely satisfying to discover at this spot. Just remember, patience is the key to securing your parking – and thereafter, the blissful taste of top-tier bubble tea awaits!

Address: 65 E 4th Ave,San Mateo,CA 94401
boba in berkeley Boba Studio Berkeley, CA

5) Boba Studio

Our Review of Boba Studio in Berkeley, CA

My visit to the bubble tea shop was nothing less than delightful. Stepping in on a chilled Saturday afternoon, I was immediately taken in by the neat and tidy interior. Interestingly, the service was impressively quick, despite some crowd. This was largely due to an efficient kiosk system managed by the owner himself. It was pleasing to see such commitment towards ensuring satisfactory customer service.

What really made my heart sing was the quality of the bubble tea. Their Peach Oolong is probably the finest I’ve ever tasted. Yes, you heard it right! This isn’t a casual remark but a genuine acknowledgment. It was so tempting that I found myself stopping by this shop every day during my stay in the city.

Another interesting observation I made was the presence of this bubbly little tea shop on DoorDash. I’ve placed a few orders from here and every experience has held its consistency. It appears that this trendy and efficient store will be my go-to choice for bubble tea cravings for a long time. I’m excited for more new and refreshing flavors to try in the future.

If I had my way, I’d definitely give this place a resounding 10 stars! It has without a doubt set a high bar for all bubble tea stores in town. This place not only served an excellent cup of bubble tea but also managed to offer an unforgettable experience overall.

Address: 1389 N Main St,Walnut Creek,CA 94596

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Berkeley, CA?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Berkeley, CA at Feng Cha Teahouse 奉茶, Tibear, Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea, TP TEA, and Boba Studio.