Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Spokane, WA

Welcome, fellow bubble tea enthusiasts! This time, our thirst for the ultimate bubble tea experience finds us in the charming city of Spokane, WA. Ah, Spokane, a scenic playground nestled in the northwestern United States, where natural beauty is just as abundant as the culture and history that fill its streets. But let’s not forget the food scene that thrives here, especially bubble tea!

Spokane, often overshadowed by its bustling Western neighbor, Seattle, offers an unexpectedly rich culinary scene filled with a blend of traditional and innovative flavors – and bubble tea is no exception! This city boasts a variety of trendy bubble tea joints, each serving up their unique take on this delightful Taiwanese import.

From contemporary spots in industrial-style spaces that experiment with local ingredients to ones that offer bubble tea in its most traditional form, Spokane has got a hang of the bubble tea game and has surprised me in the best way possible. The variety is plentiful, the combinations are endless, and the thirst-quenching aspect? It’s as thrilling as the city’s skyline against the backdrop of pine-covered hills.

As we journey through a vivid tour of Spokane’s wildly diverse and undeniably exciting bubble tea scene, we’ll delve into the tastes that the city has to offer. Together, we’ll slurp our way through the grandeur of its mountainous views and the urban charm that follows suit.

So, buckle up folks, it’s going to be a bubbling ride! Scroll down to join me on my latest bubble tea adventure and share the incredible experience that is Spokane’s bubble tea scene.

Top 5 Best Boba in Spokane, WA Reviews

If you are looking for boba tea spokane, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best boba tea spokane!

boba tea spokane Black Straw Tea Bar & Kitchen Spokane, WA

1) Black Straw Tea Bar & Kitchen

Our Review of Black Straw Tea Bar & Kitchen in Spokane, WA

On my recent foodie expeditions, I found myself in the alluring embrace of a new bubble tea haven that simply made me rethink my Boba standings. What initially struck me was the cleanliness of the place, an aspect they clearly dedicated attention to, flaunting an ambience that was equal parts cozy and spotless.

I genuinely appreciate the attention to eco-responsibility, something that’s unfortunately quite rare in today’s quick-service establishments. While the struggle is real for us bubble tea lovers looking to lessen our environmental impact, this bubble tea spot has found a harmonious solution, offering with pride, a zero waste dining option that nourishes the soul and respects mother nature.

Adding to the pleasant surprise, was the cordiality of the service staff who were amiable and approachable. They had an inviting quality about them, maintaining a delightful balance––a genuinely engaging human approach while respecting professional space. One must, however, gear up for a bit of patience here. While I wouldn’t say the service was prompt, the quality of bubble tea produced erases any inkling of impatience. It ultimately stood as a testament to the truth that good things indeed come to those who wait.

Now, let me engage your taste buds with the tea itself. Having sampled Boba in numerous locations, I can confidently tell you that the bountiful portions of this place’s delicacies stand unmatched. Each sip was nothing short of an indulgence where the generous dose of flavors put forth a charming blend of novelty and nostalgia.

Fellow food nomads who’ve made the shift from places of Boba abundance would find the quality of bubble tea here reassuringly familiar. Its flavors, textures, and temperature were a solid match to the elevated standards of bubble tea that buzz around popular haunts.
All in all, this place stands as an embodiment of my fondness for bubble tea, simultaneously offering a conscious dining experience that promises quality, taste, and environment-conscious deliverables. In its essence, it’s a haven for bubble tea lovers and a refreshing example of impeccable service and prime eco-ethics.

Address: 11808 E Sprague Ave,Spokane Valley,WA 99206
boba tea spokane BocoPop Spokane, WA

2) BocoPop

Our Review of BocoPop in Spokane, WA

Visiting BocoPop in Liberty Lake, WA, is a unique bubble tea experience, and I was certainly not left disappointed. Notably renowned for its delightful taro milk tea boba, the richness and flavourful depth leave nothing but a palatable impression. My palette was beyond satisfied and honestly, I am still craving more.

Moreover, BocoPop’s popularity is undeniably evident. Be it a weekend afternoon or otherwise, the place is fairly teeming with an enthusiastic crowd, suggesting the loyalty and fondness this joint commands over its patrons. Now, it’s not just about being one of the few boba places in this town, it’s more about the quality and consistency they serve, which keeps people coming back for more.

Unmatched in its quality, the boba at BocoPop has set the bar pretty high for other bubble tea locations around the area. Most folks, including myself, found ourselves driving from fairly distant locations, unsatisfied with the bobas served elsewhere, before settling at BocoPop. It truly is among the best places to get the most delicious boba. Do give it a try the next time you feel like pampering your taste buds, it’s worth the drive!

Address: 21980 E Country Vista Dr,Liberty Lake,WA 99019
boba tea spokane Kokoro Ramen And Boba Tea Spokane, WA

3) Kokoro Ramen And Boba Tea

Our Review of Kokoro Ramen And Boba Tea in Spokane, WA

Stepping into this bubble tea spot feels like stepping into a cozy dream enriched with an exceptional taste palette and character. It’s a location that charms you instantly with its welcoming environment, boosting up your boba eperience significantly even before you get to taste their beverages. The staff is amiable and cordial, and their friendly gestures add an inviting aura to the entire venue.

Here, time seems to be in your favor. Whether you’re looking to dine solo or planning a small group catch-up, your orders are efficiently catered to without much of a delay making your dining experience so effortless, spontaneous yet intimate. The speed at which your orders make their way to your table is remarkable, even exciting, I must say.

Now, let’s get talking about the main event — The Bubble Tea. Their selection of boba teas is a compendium of fabulous flavours, each one with its own royal standing. The sizes of the portions are massive, satiating your thirst for something absolutely delicious, and quenching your cravings quite fruitful. Each bubble tea brings forth a bouquet of vibrant flavours that tickle your taste buds with immense delight.

The additional perk about this place, in my opinion, is the availability of Ramen, and pot stickers (or whatever you may call them)— delightful bites to complement your boba tea, worth every single bite! So, whether you’re seeking a leisurely late lunch experience or just need your regular boba fix, this spot is an amazing combination where your tea delight will always be accompanied by some fantastic food options.

On the whole, the voluminous range of boba tea, swift service, inviting atmosphere, and the rewarding food menu makes this location a tea enthusiast’s dream come true. It’s definitely a locale I would personally recommend for all bubble tea aficionados to visit and soak in the opulent delights it presents.

Address: 509 N Sullivan Rd,Veradale,WA 99037
boba tea spokane Boba Bubble Spokane, WA

4) Boba Bubble

Our Review of Boba Bubble in Spokane, WA

In the world of bubble tea, one’s expectations can often be set extremely high due to the diverse array of flavors and quality out there – let’s say, in regions like Seattle, California or overseas. I found myself stepping into Boba Bubble Tea with a tempered level of anticipation. I had heard a certain degree of mixed reviews, but I journeyed ahead, keen to savor what it had to offer.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to admit that my boba journey with Boba Bubble wasn’t as enchanting. The flavors at this location seemed more in line with something you’d expect from a generic soda or a sugar-infused candy shop. The overall taste didn’t speak much of the traditional bubble tea essence that I usually look for – composed of real fruit and robust loose-leaf tea.

Suspending flavor, if we focus on the tapioca pearls, I had a rather enjoyable experience. The tapioca pearls were soft, chewy, and achieved the right balance between gelatinous and firm – a clear highlight trumping the less impressive aspects of my visit.

In summary, Boba Bubble might not hit all the sweet spots for people seeking an authentic boba tea experience. However, it does have it’s own distinctive charm, particularly in its impressive execution of tapioca pearls. It’s one of those places that you might want to try out at least once, in search of the boba that dances to your personal palate’s tune.

Address: 4750 N Division St,Spokane,WA 99207
boba tea spokane The Tea Boba Bar Spokane, WA

5) The Tea Boba Bar

Our Review of The Tea Boba Bar in Spokane, WA

Having tried multiple bubble tea spots across the globe, I must remark that this spot holds its ground remarkably well. My love for bubble tea is no secret, and so when I say this place met expectations, it is not a statement to be taken lightly.

The location of this bubble tea joint is undoubtedly something that will make your boba-hunting a smooth sail. Ample free parking along the street and an additional back lot just add that extra cherry on top. The shop is quaint, but isn’t it those snug little places that usually harbour the sweetest delights?

What particularly charmed me was the efficient and pleasant ordering process. The staff exudes a friendliness that’s warm as a summer afternoon, making you feel welcome from the moment you step in. However, I did find the taste tilting a smidge towards the bitter side. Not that it’s a deal-breaker, but if subtle bitterness isn’t your preference in bubble tea, it’s something worth considering.

In all, it’s a place that carries an embrace of the familiar, delivering bubble tea that boba-lovers worldwide would nod at in approval. Remember, bubble tea is largely subjective and tailored to your taste. Here’s to hoping this spot does a waltz with your taste buds just as it did with mine. Happy sipping!

Address: 1227 W Summit Pkwy,Spokane,WA 99201

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Spokane, WA?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Spokane, WA at Black Straw Tea Bar & Kitchen, BocoPop, Kokoro Ramen And Boba Tea, Boba Bubble, and The Tea Boba Bar.