Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Appleton, WI

Welcome, bubble tea aficionados, to the charming city of Appleton, Wisconsin! Situated on the banks of the Fox River, this Midwestern gem might not be the first place that pops into your mind when you conjure images of trendy bubble tea hotspots. But, surprisingly, this is exactly where our bubble tea journey takes us today. Underneath its idyllic backdrop, highlighted by a rich tapestry of history and a zest for arts and music, Appleton’s thriving alternative culinary scene boasts an unexpected oasis for bubble tea lovers like us! With its very own tea houses dispelling the frosty Wisconsin cold by infusing it with the warmth and sweetness of the globally celebrated drink, this city offers a unique twist on bubble tea that simply can’t be missed. Ready for a tantalizing tour of Appleton’s bubble tea scene? So, keep scrolling to unearth the enchanting surprises this city has packed in its tea cups. Can’t wait to spill the tea with you!

Top 5 Best Boba in Appleton, WI Reviews

If you are looking for bubble tea appleton, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best bubble tea appleton!

bubble tea appleton Fika Tea Bar Appleton, WI

1) Fika Tea Bar

Our Review of Fika Tea Bar in Appleton, WI

Upon my visit to this particular bubble tea spot, I was immediately taken with its contemporary and relaxed vibe. The place has an inviting decor that naturally makes you feel at home and I, personally, was absolutely thrilled to see a wide selection of tea and boba on offer.

In my experience, their bubble tea is truly a break from the norm – not your traditional concoction. But isn’t that what we all seek sometimes? A departure from the conventional? This place certainly checks that box, ensuring a unique bubble tea experience sure to attract adventurous bubble tea enthusiasts.

One of the most gratifying experiences of tasting bubble tea is the element of surprise, never knowing what sip will throw you into a world of flavour exploration. Walking into this spot without high expectations, much like any unanticipated forays, this place surprisingly met my boba cravings, a testament to its capability to gratify even the most skeptical locals.

Whether you’re just passing by or intentionally visiting, I wholeheartedly believe this gem of a place will turn your bubble tea experience into a delightful hangout. As someone who’s sampled a fair share of bubble tea around the city, I confidently give this spot my stamp of approval.

Address: 207 W College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911
bubble tea appleton Jasmine Leaf Appleton, WI

2) Jasmine Leaf

Our Review of Jasmine Leaf in Appleton, WI

After browsing a number of bubble tea spots, I’ve finally stumbled upon a gem that reigns supreme above the rest. Right from the first sip, I was struck by the tantalizing taste – a balance of sweetness that was just right. What struck me as remarkable about this place was their attention to customer preferences. They offer a unique variation of sugar levels, catering to those who prefer their drinks less sweet, more sweet, or somewhere in between.

The real star of the show, however, is undeniably their boba. I’ve tried quite a few places, but this spot undoubtedly takes the crown. Each sip comes with a generous serving of these chewy pearls, making every gulp an experience to savor. What’s more, the quality of the boba doesn’t compromise the quantity of the drink, nor the affordability of it. Quite the contrary, it’s a sizable serving that comes at a price that’s a steal.

Drawing upon my extensive bubble tea-drinking experience, I’d go as far as to say this might just be the best boba in the area. The addictive delight of these drinks reminded me of the joy I found in the exotic bubble tea flavors I had tasted during my time in Hawaii. It’s a rare find to stumble upon a bubble tea place that evokes such nostalgia while delivering on taste and price.

So, if you’re a bubble tea enthusiast like me, or even if you’re just looking for a refreshing break, I highly recommend you give this place a shot. The rich flavors, reasonable pricing, and the memorable boba experience will surely keep you coming back for more.

Address: 1804 S Lawe St, Appleton, WI 54915
bubble tea appleton Boba Bae Appleton, WI

3) Boba Bae

Our Review of Boba Bae in Appleton, WI

I must say, my latest experience with bubble tea was quite the delightful surprise! This trendy spot, nestled in the heart of East Green Bay on Mason Street, boasts of a charming ambiance that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also makes you feel at home. The interior is sprinkled with elements of cuteness, truly an Instagram-worthy haven for bubble tea enthusiasts and those who appreciate good interior design alike.

Apart from its vibrant atmosphere, the service is commendably fast and efficient. The staff wears a constant welcoming smile that speaks volumes about their commitment to providing excellent customer service. They’re always ready to guide you through the ample assortment of flavors they have, each more tempting than the last.

Their bubble tea offerings themselves are no less impressive. The perfect balance between the sweetness of the tea and the chewy boba, combined with the wide range of flavors, gives you a beverage that’s both delectable and refreshing. And let me assure you, their variety is such that it can appease even the most discerning bubble tea aficionados and those occasional cravings for something specific and unique.

What’s more? The price isn’t too steep for the quality and service you receive. It’s a place where satisfaction meets affordability, making it the perfect spot for your next bubble tea adventure. So, fellow bubble tea lovers, if you haven’t given this place a visit yet, you’re definitely missing out!

Address: 2321 S Oneida St, Green Bay, WI 54304
bubble tea appleton Uni Uni Tea Shop Appleton, WI

4) Uni Uni Tea Shop

Our Review of Uni Uni Tea Shop in Appleton, WI

Having had the pleasure of exploring the bubble tea scene in Appleton, I found this quaint spot that truly left an impression on me. The intimate space and the delightful boba tea delighted my senses.

The black milk tea, specifically, had a rich and robust flavor that tantalized my taste buds. It’s worth noting that while some of their teas are made from flavor powders, the authentic quality of the black milk tea managed to shine through.

In terms of ambiance, this café is undeniably charming. It’s not just a tea shop, but a vibrant community hub that supports various causes, including veterans, making it a place where you not only enjoy a delicious drink but also contribute to a greater cause.

What really sets this place apart, however, is the staff. Fanny, the shop owner, impresses with her warm demeanor and friendly personality. It’s crystal clear that she puts her heart and soul into her work, and her customers absolutely appreciate it.

In all respects, this bubble tea destination in Appleton is refreshing, from its delightful beverages to its sociocultural contributions. This one-of-a-kind spot offers a genuine, unforgettable experience that bubble tea aficionados and casual sippers alike can appreciate.

Address: 823 W College Ave, Appleton, WI 54914
bubble tea appleton Bubblelicious Appleton, WI

5) Bubblelicious

Our Review of Bubblelicious in Appleton, WI

Stepping into this hip and trendy place, it’s easy to sense that it’s a newer establishment, but what it lacks in longevity, it more than makes up for in spirit and quality. One would expect no less than exceptional bubble tea from a business that already has established roots in Milwaukee. And boy, does it deliver!

Sampling their bubble tea, it’s clear to see why it’s causing quite a stir. The flavors are so authentic and intense that it transports you to another world. It’s not just a drink, it’s an experience.

What adds icing to the cake is their staff. They give off such warm and positive vibes that you can’t help but feel instantly at home. They are more than willing to ensure you have a memorable experience. This friendly atmosphere certainly adds to the overall charm of the place.

Out of all the delightful options, the Tiger Delgona drink and Thai Milk tea with boba really stood out. They’re an absolute crowd-pleaser and a must-try. Especially the Tiger Delgona, it’s a heady mix of all things delightful and seriously amazing!

Though it’s a popular location, don’t let the queues deter you. They’re efficient and timely with their orders, ensuring that you are sipping on your favorite bubble tea in no time. So, next time you’re in the mood for some lip-smacking bubble tea, you know where to head. This place not only wins in terms of flavors but also in service and atmosphere. It’s truly a standout in the bubble tea scene!

Address: 4301 W Wisconsin Ave, Appleton, WI 54913

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Appleton, WI?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Appleton, WI at Fika Tea Bar, Jasmine Leaf, Boba Bae, Uni Uni Tea Shop, and Bubblelicious.