Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Lakeland, TN

Greetings, bubble tea enthusiasts! Welcome to Lakeland, Tennessee, an enchanting city loaded with charm and colored with a rich, southern history. Surrounded by breath-taking lakes and sprawling picturesque landscapes, one can’t help but to fall for Lakeland’s unique allure. But hidden amongst its beautiful waterside views and quaint, historic ambience, Lakeland has some tantalizing, must-visit spots that bubble tea connoisseurs will relish.

The bubble tea scene here is like finding a treasure hidden in an artist’s palette, each sip as varied and colorful as the paintings that adorn Lakeland’s local galleries. From unique blends that tantalize with a mix of the southern sweetness to tantalizing tropical fusions that one could only dream of, the tea spots in Lakeland offer the complete spectrum of bubble tea enjoyment. Here, every blend has its own unique rhythm, just like every Southern folk melody.

You’re only one sip away from turning your placid afternoon into a grand, flavorful journey. Sound intriguing? Scroll down and let’s dive together into the world of bubble tea in Lakeland, and trust me, by the end of this tour, you’ll be humming along with the sweet bubble tea melody of this lovely city. So grab your bubble tea straws and prepare for a delicious journey into the heart of Tennessee’s hidden bubble tea oasis.

Top 5 Best Bubble Tea in Lakeland, TN Reviews

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boba society lakeland tn Poke World Lakeland, TN

1) Poke World

Our Review of Poke World in Lakeland, TN

Upon walking into this bubble tea haven, one can easily get captivated by its charming ambiance. This bustling locale is not only picture-perfect but also offers a diverse menu that leaves you spoilt for choice. Of course, having sampled their delightfully refreshing boba, I must say it has secured a little soft spot in my heart. In fact, I am already craving to return and further explore their menu, especially the poke.

While on the topic of the poke, it’s worth noting that I’ve noticed some contrasting opinions about it. In my opinion, taste is utterly subjective. So, when I get to try them, I’ll be sure to give it my own fair judgment.

Interestingly, this place also serves my other vice – rolled ice cream. Surely, offering such a wide variety of treats is a strong suit for any establishment. However, I digress. This review is solely for their bubble tea and I must say, it does not disappoint. Moreover, it seems like the perfect place to visit when you’re in desperate need of a caffeine fix.

In conclusion, the bubble tea offerings here are a perfect fusion of taste and ambiance, making it an absolute go-to. But don’t just take my word for it, go get a sip for yourself.

Address: 1605 N Germantown Pkwy,Cordova,TN 38016
boba society lakeland tn Tenn Tea Lakeland, TN

2) Tenn Tea

Our Review of Tenn Tea in Lakeland, TN

As a seasoned bubble tea aficionado, I couldn’t resist the allure of this enticing tea shop. Upon entering, I was immediately enveloped in the warmth and friendliness exuded by the staff. The shop has a pleasant, clean, and attractive interior that kept me hooked and wanting to explore more. The swift and efficient service simply added to the charm.

What sets this bubble tea venue apart from the rest is the interactive and entertaining atmosphere. While you’re waiting for your delectable bubble tea, the place offers a range of cool and fun board games to dive into, making your stay far from mundane.

Speaking of bubble tea, the Milk Tea Boba holds a special place in my heart. Its flavour profile is a harmonious balance between the creaminess of the milk and the subtle sweet chewiness of the boba. This delightful combination may have grabbed my attention initially, but it’s the consistency in its taste that keeps me coming back for more.

This place is a standout for anyone residing within the vicinity, but it’s also worth venturing out from downtown for. So much so, that on days where I am not in town, I find myself reminiscing its unique taste and unmatched ambiance. In all, if you’re a bubble tea lover like me or just starting to discover the joys of this delightful beverage, this venue is a must-visit. It has earned a permanent place on my list of favourite bubble tea shops, and I am certain, it will find its way onto yours as well.

Address: 17 S Highland St,Memphis,TN 38111
boba society lakeland tn Bubble Bang Lakeland, TN

3) Bubble Bang

Our Review of Bubble Bang in Lakeland, TN

This bubble tea spot is an absolute delight from the moment you step in. The atmosphere is clean, inviting, and oh-so-chic. If a pair of iconic dolls decided to venture into the hospitality sector, this is precisely the aesthetic they would aim for. It’s colorful, trendy and comes with an attractive selection of tea flavors that cater to a wide variety of tastes.

An aspect that stands out is the diversity in drink types they offer. Whether you’re craving a classic milk tea or want to venture into the world of unusual flavor teas, they’ve got you covered. Smoothies, slushies, hot teas – name it, they have it. But the real show-stealer is their impressive assortment of pearls, boba, and tapioca that pairs perfectly with your chosen brew.

However, not everything that glitters is gold. While the array of offerings is impressive, they fall short on the flavor of their boba. In terms of taste, they could definitely do with some improvements. The boba can sometimes come off as rather tasteless – it’s almost like masticating plain tapioca pearls devoid of any notable flavor. It’s important that the centerpiece of the drink meets the same quality as everything else and in this case, more focus on the boba could enhance the beverage overall.

But essential criticisms aside, the service here is commendable, where the exemplary staff makes up for any shortcoming in the taste department, contributing to an overall enjoyable bubble tea experience.

Address: 420 S Germantown Pkwy,Cordova,TN 38018
boba society lakeland tn Blooming Bubble Tea Lakeland, TN

4) Blooming Bubble Tea

Our Review of Blooming Bubble Tea in Lakeland, TN

Walking into this bubble tea place, there is an air of anticipation that begs to be satisfied. After all, new experiences are the bread and butter of a food reviewer’s life. Bubble tea in itself is a delightful concoction, and this location holds a particular charm for those wandering in for the first time.

Now, there is an across-the-board agreement that inconsistencies in the operating hours can cause frustration to potential customers. Anyone keen on enjoying a Sunday evening with a bubble tea in hand might find themselves facing a closed sign on the door, despite the listed hours online stating otherwise. And while it’s not a deal breaker, clarity in business hours would certainly boost the overall experience.

On a more positive note, or perhaps not, depending on how you swing, the bubble tea at this locale is something to behold. For those not well-versed in genuine bubble tea preparation techniques, their use of powdered flavourings might appear as a slight deviation from authenticity. This is definitely something that could go either way – it’s a palatable choice for those who aren’t purists, but can be a potential let-down for those who seek an authentic fruit-based smoothie.

That being said, one can’t deny that the concept of bubble tea is in itself a treat. So, it’s worth taking the time to check this place out, with the awareness that your taste buds need to be prepared for an experience rooted more in synthetic delights than freshness of fruits. All in all, be ready for a blend of unexpected surprises, from a slightly different bubble tea experience to a change in their operating schedule.

Address: 2760 N Germantown Pkwy,Memphis,TN 38133
boba society lakeland tn Poke World - East Memphis Lakeland, TN

5) Poke World – East Memphis

Our Review of Poke World – East Memphis in Lakeland, TN

Walking into this spot, you’re immediately struck by the vibrancy and freshness of the atmosphere. The variety on the menu is truly impressive, providing a delightful playground for the taste buds. It’s a place you’ll find yourself wanting to revisit over and over.

Talking about taste, the bubble tea here is definitely a must-try. However, if consistency is your preference, you might want to bear in mind that each visit might present you with a different mix. Some days you might find your regular choice strikingly sweet, and on another, find it needs a bit more sugar kick. Each visit is a new adventure for your palate.

As for the food, the gratifying taste makes up for the slightly long wait it often requires. You might prefer your meals to be served a little quicker, but once the food hits your table, you’ll understand that good things indeed take time. The lingering taste of the dishes here will provide an agreeable redemption for the patience it demands.

So, if you are an adventurous foodie, this bubble tea place is certainly a spot you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Just remember, you might get a rather different beverage each time you order the exact same flavor. But isn’t that a part of the joy of exploration in the gastronomical world?

Address: 575 Erin Dr,Memphis,TN 38117

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Lakeland, TN?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Lakeland, TN at Poke World, Tenn Tea, Bubble Bang, Blooming Bubble Tea, and Poke World – East Memphis.