Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Royal Oak, MI

Welcome to Royal Oak, Michigan, where the pursuit of the perfect bubble tea is more than just a trend – it’s a lifestyle. As I immersed myself in this vibrant town, I quickly discovered that Royal Oak is a haven for bubble tea enthusiasts like myself. With its eclectic mix of trendy cafes, quaint tea houses, and hidden gems, this place exudes an irresistible charm that keeps drawing me back for more.

Royal Oak is a melting pot of flavors, each venue offering a unique twist on the beloved bubble tea. From classic milk teas bursting with aromas of black sesame and taro, to innovative concoctions infused with local fruits and herbs, every sip promises a delightful surprise. Meticulously brewed by passionate boba artisans, these teas are a testament to the town’s dedication to culinary excellence.

But it doesn’t stop there. Royal Oak is not just a place to sip bubble tea; it is an experience. As I ventured through its lively streets, I encountered a community of bubble tea connoisseurs, each eager to share their favorite hidden spots and personal recommendations. Whether I found myself sipping tea in an art deco-inspired café or engaging in spirited discussions with fellow bubble tea aficionados, the sense of camaraderie was undeniable.

So, join me on this unique culinary journey through Royal Oak, Michigan, as we explore the tantalizing world of bubble tea. With every sip, we’ll unravel the stories behind each beloved establishment, savor the nuances of flavors, and discover the heart and soul of this vibrant bubble tea scene. Scroll further to unleash the bubbling adventure that awaits us in the reviews below.

Top 5 Best Boba in Royal Oak, MI Reviews

If you are looking for bubble tea royal oak, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best bubble tea royal oak!

bubble tea royal oak Goldfish Tea Royal Oak, MI

1) Goldfish Tea

Our Review of Goldfish Tea in Royal Oak, MI

In my personal experience, the renowned Goldfish Tea has been a delightful sanctuary for tea lovers for quite some time. They boast an attractive, friendly ambiance, not just for bubble tea enthusiasts but also for those seeking a cosy corner to relax, hangout, or even focus on work/study. Their kind baristas never fail to cultivate an inviting atmosphere, offering welcoming smiles and insightful tea wisdom at your beck and call.

In terms of their selection, they tick all the boxes with an array of diverse, fine quality bubble tea options. They’ve got something to quench the thirst of every kind of tea fanatic and for someone like me, it’s always a thrill embarking on a new tea tasting journey.

But alas, the extremely sad news has struck my heartstrings like the saddest tune – Goldfish Tea has recently closed its doors. Despite the still lingering signage, the once bustling interior of this haven now echoes the eerie silence of emptiness. If you knew it in its prime, you’d understand the magnitude of this loss.

Overall, Goldfish Tea, with its highly knowledgeable staff, inviting space, and extensive tea selection, had been a go-to spot for many. It’s heartbreaking that this amazing place is no longer serving its fabulous bubble teas, but it will forever live in our memories with a bittersweet taste!

Address: 417 S Washington Ave,Royal Oak,MI 48067
bubble tea royal oak Detroit Bubble Tea Royal Oak, MI

2) Detroit Bubble Tea

Our Review of Detroit Bubble Tea in Royal Oak, MI

For any bubble tea aficionado, seeking out new places is like the adventure of an explorer. I recently stumbled upon a charming new spot and while my initial encounter was marred by a spilt cup of boba within moments of leaving the premises, I must remark that the unfortunate incident didn’t detract from the quality of the tea itself. Rather, it left me a bit miffed at the universe for robbing me of such a delightful treat.

However, I must caution future visitors, do keep an eye out for any random change in opening hours as my most recent visit was thwarted by a seemingly impromptu closing due to new management. Irrespective of it, regular updates on operating hours would make their customer’s experience significantly more smooth and enjoyable.

Shifting gears to the ambiance inside, this wonderful bubble tea spot boasts a truly endearing vibe. There’s an air of tranquility that is quite inviting for a quiet night out. Even on a busy day, the energy of the place is still encompassing and relaxing. The décor is enchantingly adorable with squishmellows being a cute, unexpected sight. This instills a warm, homey aura that genuinely complements the bubble tea experience.

To further enhance this experience, the service is remarkably stellar. The staff members have a commendable knowledge about the menu, and their cordiality makes you feel like you’ve walked into an old friend’s home; it’s warm, welcoming, and pleasantly perceptive.

Despite a minor hiccup concerning unforeseen closing hours and an unfortunate spill on my behalf, the experience overall is quite promising. The combination of knowledgeable service, an endearing VIP-like atmosphere, and seriously good bubble tea makes this place a must-visit for any bubble tea lover.

Address: 22821 Woodward Ave,Ferndale,MI 48220
bubble tea royal oak Blossom Cafe & Bakery Royal Oak, MI

3) Blossom Cafe & Bakery

Our Review of Blossom Cafe & Bakery in Royal Oak, MI

Strolling into this bubble tea spot is like landing on a sweet lover’s paradise – a colorful array of delectable treats greet you at the door – from mouth-watering macarons to crumbly cookies and brooding brownies. And let’s not forget their rendition of the delightful sticky dessert, Mochi. It’s a sight for sore eyes, making it hard to decide where to let your taste buds explore first!

When it comes down to customer service, you’re in safe and friendly hands. The baristas are every bit as bubbly as the tea they serve, their cheerfulness is a refreshing addition to your visit. It’s not every day you walk into a café and feel warmly welcomed like an old friend.

The pulse of this place doesn’t stop at just the food. They’ve dedicated part of their space to both comfort and entertainment! Audaciously inviting with its cozy seats, you could simply enjoy your bubble tea while playing a few board games – an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

And, of course, the main event – the bubble tea itself does not disappoint. A sip of their concoctions is like unravelling a symphony of flavors, delicately balancing the sweetness and the creaminess, a real showstopper.

In my honest opinion, a visit to this bubble tea haven is essential. It’s more than just a café, rather a gem in the heart of the city, offering a delightful experience you don’t want to miss out on. Each visit, a sweet story told through the language of desserts and drinks!

Address: 248 E Auburn Rd,Rochester Hills,MI 48307
bubble tea royal oak Kuma Boba Royal Oak, MI

4) Kuma Boba

Our Review of Kuma Boba in Royal Oak, MI

Walking into this bubble tea shop, one is greeted by a warm, inviting ambiance that just screams “café charm”. The thoughtfully designed space, although snug, provides a surprisingly open and comfortable atmosphere that makes locating the place even more worth the effort.

The real showstopper, however, is their concept of serving bubble tea. The shop takes an innovative turn from the ordinary by serving their beverages in reusable glass jars instead of your run-of-the-mill plastic cups. With an additional benefit of being able to purchase reusable straws, it not only serves a delicious cup of bubble tea but also makes a statement on sustainability. Truly commendable!

I personally love the Kuma Milk Tea, at 50% sugar and 50% ice. It strikes an ideal balance, not overly sweet nor watered down. The bubbles hold up quite well, staying chewy till the end. All this served in a compact 16oz glass jar – it might seem on the tad expensive side but hey, you get a trendy slurp in a fancy bottle.

Without a doubt, this little spot distinguishes itself by making a conscientious effort to reinvent the bubble tea experience while shedding a positive light on environmental mindfulness. The service here is, as the ambiance, as cozy as it gets and leaves you with a craving both for their bubble tea and the intriguing novelty they provide. Quite the refreshing, ‘jarring’ twist to your typical boba experience! One must definitely give them a try.

Address: 3594 15 Mile Rd,Sterling Heights,MI 48310
bubble tea royal oak Kung Fu Tea Royal Oak, MI

5) Kung Fu Tea

Our Review of Kung Fu Tea in Royal Oak, MI

In my numerous visits to this bubble tea spot, one thing that always stands out is the fast and excellent customer service, with drinks often ready in less time than you’d expect. The Taro & Coconut milk teas are a classic combination and an absolute must-try! They strike a balance of sweet and creamy that simply cannot be missed.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the Caribbean slush is a delight – especially when you ramp it up with additions of mango jelly and clear boba. It’s a treat that will surprise and enthrall your taste buds with tropical cheer.

Equally delightful, there’s the Strawberry Slushy. It’s refreshing, sweet and perfect for any hot day or just when you need a strawberry kiss to lift your spirits. I’ve found time and time again that these slushies can be an elixir for joy.

When it’s time to sit and savor your drink, you’ll find a comfortable seating area, complete with a mix of conventional chairs for a traditional sit-down, alongside some less typical seating that adds a unique fun twist to the place. Over and over, it’s proved to be a great spot for your boba break, whether you’re a bubble tea veteran or a curious first-timer.

Address: 2105 15 Mile Rd,Sterling Heights,MI 48310

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Royal Oak, MI?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Royal Oak, MI at Goldfish Tea, Detroit Bubble Tea, Blossom Cafe & Bakery, Kuma Boba, and Kung Fu Tea.