Top 5 Bubble Tea Near Minneapolis, MN

Ahoy fellow bubble tea enthusiasts! Welcome to my latest adventure in the heart of the United States – Minneapolis, MN; a city best known for its iconic music scene and a rich blend of cultural heritage. Often overlooked, this culinary hotspot of the Midwest houses some of the most intriguing bubble tea spots in the country. Venture into the concrete jungle of Twin Cities and discover a vibrant scene of bubble tea shops. Each one takes you on an exciting journey through a symphony of flavors, right from the infusion of velvety cream into the fragrant tea, down to the blissful crunch of every chewy tapioca pearl. This eclectic city does not take bubble tea lightly, each sip will dissolve into a beautiful blend of East meets West in a mesmerising dance on your tongue. The breathtaking view of the Mississippi River or the Minneapolis skyline makes indulging in your bubble tea an immersive experience. Minneapolis has magic in every corner just waiting to be explored and tasted. Ready to plunge into a world of surprising sips and incredible bubble tea experiences? Take my hand and follow me to the hidden gems of Minneapolis bubble tea scene. Scroll down and be prepared to be serenaded by these tantalizing boba beverages.

Top 5 Best Boba in Minneapolis, MN Reviews

If you are looking for bubble tea minneapolis, then you are in luck! Read on to discover the top 5 best bubble tea minneapolis!

bubble tea minneapolis Sencha Tea Bar - Uptown Minneapolis, MN

1) Sencha Tea Bar – Uptown

Our Review of Sencha Tea Bar – Uptown in Minneapolis, MN

If you’re roaming around Uptown Minneapolis, there’s no denying you’ll be drawn to the cozy ambiance that Sencha tea bar has to offer. From my own experiences, the passionate staff at Sencha mirrors their comforting interior, making every visit feel like one to remember.

In terms of their beverage selection, it’s hard for me to not mention their Berry Bliss Bubble Tea. The moment you indulge in the first sip, the large cup is surprisingly impressive. Comprising of an assortment of tangy berries that delight your tastebuds, it’s certainly a must-try for fruit lovers.

For those who prefer something less rich yet brimming with flavor, consider trying the Taro Tea. Its own lighter profile provides a distinct fleshy and sweet flavor of taro, deviating from the usual thicker consistency found elsewhere. You’re in for a treat with their special crystal variants.

Sencha feels like a bubble tea class itself, cultivating their quality, one cup at a time. Whether it’s your first or hundredth bubble tea experience, Sencha is not a spot to miss in Uptown.

Address: 2601 Hennepin Ave S,Minneapolis,MN 55408
bubble tea minneapolis Tii Cup Minneapolis, MN

2) Tii Cup

Our Review of Tii Cup in Minneapolis, MN

Walking into this bustling boba spot, the hip and trendy vibe is instantly inviting. However, it’s currently not set up for dine-in, so grab-and-go is the order of the day. That being said, the service provided by the staff makes up for it, their smiles are infectious and they dish out bubble tea with efficient finesse.

I tried the Ube Twister – a unique and fascinating choice if you’re after something a bit different. As for their boba, it’s pretty solid, adhering to the familiar taste and texture profile that tea aficionados come to seek. However, if you’re planning on ordering their waffles, you might need to exercise some patience. They seem to prioritize the speed of their tea orders, which may have you waiting a tad longer if you’re ordering food.

As someone fascinated by the culture of Taiwan, I was eager to try their Taiwanese food offerings. Unfortunately, this is where the venue falls short. The quality doesn’t quite match the ambition and some of the dishes feel like missed opportunities rather than delightful surprises.

Overall, this place serves as a dependable outlet for your boba cravings. If they can tweak their food proposition and be a little more cognizant of their service speed, this place could go from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Until then, consider sticking to their teas and perhaps the intriguing Ube Twister.

Address: 7958 Brooklyn Blvd,Brooklyn Park,MN 55445
bubble tea minneapolis Chatime Minneapolis, MN

3) Chatime

Our Review of Chatime in Minneapolis, MN

Chatime is certainly not one to be overlooked when in search of a sensational bubble tea experience. Personally, I find their selection incredibly satisfying, offering a choice for every palate while maintaining consistent quality across the board. What really sets it apart though is the option to customize your drink’s sweetness according to your preference, an offering that adds a bit of personal touch to every order.

On any given weekday, the location at the Mall of America doesn’t attract an overwhelming crowd, which is refreshing to see. Small groups of boba enthusiasts ahead of you in line are commonplace, ensuring a prompt service that respects your time as much as you enjoy their bubble tea. People really appreciate this, providing you with an ample space to savour your bubble tea without being rushed.

Their flavors are phenomenal, catering for a wide range of preferences. I am particularly fond of their creative creme brulee series with its decadent taste that blends smoothly with the texture of the boba. Not to mention, their unique and modern touch in opting for electronic screens for placing orders besides the conventional over-the-counter method.It’s this attention to details that solidifies Chatime’s place in the bubble tea scene.

All in all, this location offers a fabulous boba experience; a harmony of excellent service, a fantastic range of flavors and the freedom to choose the perfect level of sweetness.

Address: 60 E Broadway,Bloomington,MN 55425
bubble tea minneapolis BAMBU Minneapolis, MN


Our Review of BAMBU in Minneapolis, MN

The BAMBU bubble tea shop sets a high bar for bubble tea enthusiasts like myself. Over my numerous visits, I’ve come to appreciate their steadfast commitment to quality, echoing the stunning consistency across their locations that I have found in California. Drinking boba here is more than just an ordinary tea experience; it’s an immersive dessert wonderland that never fails to charm the taste buds.

Whether one craves the divine goodness of a classic milk tea or seeks the refreshing subtlety of a fruit tea, BAMBU caters for all preferences with apparent expertise. As an ardent fan of both offerings, I can vouch for their impressive consistency, which is a testament to their dedication to perfecting their craft.

But what makes BAMBU stand out even more for me, is its ambiance. The warm atmosphere entices one into just sitting down and losing track of time, trapped in a calm bubble amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The premises are more than just an aesthetically pleasing visual delight, they’re a celebration of casual modern sophistication.

With a visit to BAMBU, be prepared to get caught up in the comforting allure of the place, all while enjoying some of the finest bubble tea offerings you can find. It’s certainly got a place on my ‘must-visit’ list and I believe it’s the perfect spot to simply relax and hang out over scrumptious boba and desserts.

Address: 2743 Nicollet Ave,Minneapolis,MN 55408
bubble tea minneapolis Mu Mu Tea Minneapolis, MN

5) Mu Mu Tea

Our Review of Mu Mu Tea in Minneapolis, MN

In my quest to quench my insatiable thirst for the best bubble tea, I sauntered into this delightfully quaint spot near Sidewalk Kitchen. From my experience, I seized the opportunity to indulge in several flavours that transported my palate on an adventure of exquisite pleasure.

Chief among these was the Guava Yakult. While I lean towards beverages that are low on sweetness, I found the 25% sugary content in this drink to be an impeccable balance. When ordered with no ice, the flavor unleashing in your taste buds is unequivocally delightful. It was as if each sip was whispering to my taste buds in a heavenly language. Add in the sumptuous boba, and you’ve got a nectar that delightfully dances on your tongue with glee.

In my adventurous sipping journey, I also tried their taro milk tea, punctuated with delightful bubbles. This enticing elixir evoked a wave of nostalgia, reminiscent of the authentic and praiseworthy bubble teas that I had during my countless sojourns in Taiwan.

And, if you are parched and on a tight schedule, worry not, for they have tied up with DoorDash to cater to your craving right at your doorstep. With a bundle of bubble tea at your disposal, your taste buds will be thoroughly satisfied at any time of the day.

With hands on my heart, I can confidently declare that this bubble tea hub mirthfully marries quality and flavor – indeed, some of the finest I’ve had in my life. So go on, treat your senses to this boba life; you won’t regret it.

Address: 313 SE Huron Blvd,Minneapolis,MN 55414

Where Can I Get the Best Bubble Tea in Minneapolis, MN?

You can find the top 5 bubble tea shops in Minneapolis, MN at Sencha Tea Bar – Uptown, Tii Cup, Chatime, BAMBU, and Mu Mu Tea.